Sliding door hardware is the hottest interior design trend of the 21st Century. Studies have shown that every house built today will have at least one sliding door or doorway. Every month homeowners pick barn door hardware to add value and beauty to a home renovation. Every quarter a new start-up chooses sliding glass hardware to be the focal point of a new open office design.

But sliding door hardware can also be intimidating and hard to understand. It is too easy to get lost in the verbiage. “Do I need flat track hardware? Is that the same as barn door hardware? What’s the difference between MWE stainless steel sliding hardware and a KrownLab Stainless steel sliding hardware kit?”

We understand the frustration and hopefully this page will help unravel the complexities of sliding door hardware such as:

Sliding Door Hardware Options:

Whether you’re ready to purchase a set of hardware for your incoming door today or you’re getting ready for a house reno in a month, reading about the different types of barn door hardware will prepare you for any sliding door project you have planned.

6 Sliding Door Hardware Options for Your Barn Door

1. Flat Track Hardware

When most people think of sliding door hardware, they think of barn door hardware. And when they think of barn door hardware, 99% of people want flat track hardware.

Why is flat track hardware called flat track? Well, simply put, it’s a type of sliding door hardware that is flat and rolls on a track. At its core, flat track sliding door hardware is simple and rustic and harkens back to the type of hardware fashioned by farmers and ranchers for their barns.
Barn Door Hardware features several types of flat track hardware. Our 1/4″ Flat Track Hardware kits feature the granddaddy of all barn door and sliding hardware: the 401 and 402 flat track hardware kit. Rugged, with a thicker track, perfect for exterior installations and heavy-duty jobs.

The best part about figuring out what kind of barn door hardware you need for your door is choosing the style. If you think of a barn door like an ice cream sundae, then the hardware is the cherry on top—it’s the piece that brings it all together. The great thing is that no matter your home décor style, the type of architecture, or your remodeling vision, you’re practically guaranteed to find sliding barn door hardware that matches.

Flat track hardware can also be used with bypass sliding door hardware. Bypassing sliding door hardware is set up with the express purpose of allowing one barn door to pass behind or in front of a second door. Bypass sliding barn door hardware is popular for entryways, for use with closet sliding door hardware, and heavy-duty sliding door track hardware. It allows you to utilize double sliding barn doors for a larger opening that doesn't have enough wall space for two barn doors to fully slide out of the way of the opening.

Flat Track Sliding Door Hardware Options

1. Classic Barn Door Hardware: As the name states, this sliding door hardware is ideal for any classic barn door style. With squared corners, rustic bolts, and a classic track system, your door will look like it came straight off a barn.
2. Buck Barn Door Hardware: This setup is suited to more modern styles. If you have a sliding barn door where you’d rather see less hardware but still want the classic flair of the classic track, this is the option you’ll want to go with.
3. Garrick Barn Door Hardware: This rustic track will add a vintage, rustic, or authentic look to any natural wood or weathered barn door. This style pairs well with houses styled in vintage, shabby-chic, authentic farmhouse, or rustic themes.
4. No Show Barn Door Hardware: For an especially sleek look, this no-show hardware will have your guests wondering how the door stays in its place.
5. Struck Barn Door Hardware: For homes with a more whimsical style, this sliding door hardware or sliding closet door hardware will be just the thing to complete your look. With its unique diamond-shaped pattern, this style is perfect everywhere from playrooms to children’s rooms.
6. 424 Wrought Iron Barn Door: The artistic types won’t need to look any further than this hardware option. With the beautiful scrollwork coming down from the mounting bracket, you’re sure to enjoy your door for years to come.  This option works well on a bedroom door, a closet, or any door in the house!
7. 420 Ranger Barn Door Hardware: Accentuate the natural wood door and the cowboy theme of a boy’s bedroom with this classic ranger star accent piece. This option also works well for homes themed with Americana décor, Texas décor, or rustic country décor.

2. Modern Barn Door Hardware

Stainless steel sliding door hardware is door hardware for those who want a more modern or refined look. Stainless steel door hardware also gives you the option to use glass doors instead of wood doors. features three main lines of stainless steel hardware: modern, KrownLab, and MWE.

Modern Sliding Door Hardware Brands

We also feature several of Jasmine Hardware’s lineup of innovative, sleek, and modern hardware designs.

As with the flat track options, you’ll want to take some time and look around at the many options available to determine which is best for your home, office, apartment, artist’s studio, or another arrangement. Whether you’re looking for sliding cabinet door hardware, sliding glass door hardware, double sliding barn door hardware, or exterior sliding barn door hardware, the stainless-steel options we carry are sure to do the trick.

Modern Sliding Door Hardware Options

3. Box Track Hardware

Before barn door hardware became the must-have standard for sliding doors, a box track was the standard for sliding door hardware. Box track hardware is still popular among contractors and designers who dislike the look of exposed hardware.

If you’re going for super sleek lines and a clean look that reveals no hardware whatsoever, you want box track hardware. We offer several types of box tracks for different door weights, including 200, 300, 500, 600, 1,000, 1,500, and a whopping 4,400 pounds for especially heavy-duty doors. Box tracks work well in many settings and can be utilized for exterior sliding door hardware and interior barn door sliding hardware. No matter where you install a box track sliding door hardware kit, you’ll enjoy effortless glide, incredible stability, and a seamless look.

4. Curved Tracks

Not every home will require curved tracks, but for those that do, curved sliding barn door hardware is a must. You’ll find curved track hardware utilized in homes and other spaces, such as art galleries, trendy shopping malls, upscale boutiques, and museums.

For a sliding door with any curvature at all, you’ll want the curved track barn door kit for your door hardware. Our curved tracks can support weight up to 700 pounds and are designed for 2,500 hours of operational service. That means our barn door curved track kit is ideal whether the door is seldom used as part of a museum installation or used all the time, such as for sliding closet doors. No matter the degree of curvature, we can provide the type of curved barn door hardware you need.

5. Frameless Hardware

Frameless hardware is the ultimate in barn door tracks for sliding glass doors. The frameless option provides an incredibly discrete profile for use in office buildings, artist studios, and any other location that boasts an especially sleek look and feel. At, we offer three distinct frameless setups.

Frameless Sliding Door Hardware Options

6. Low Clearance Hardware

When it comes to installing sliding barn doors, one of the most critical elements is the space at the top of the door. This space is needed to place the wall mount and the track. So, what do you do if you’re dealing with limited header space? Get low clearance hardware!

Low clearance barn door hardware is the perfect sliding door hardware kit for tight spaces. You only need 3 1/8 inches of space above the door for installation. That also includes the necessary half-inch space of wiggle room! If you’re looking for a barn door hardware kit for your apartment, basement, home, or other location with low ceilings, a low clearance door track is ideal. These work great for a patio door, too!

Low Clearance Sliding Door Hardware Options

We have two options for you to choose from: top mount and regular mount:

Which Type of Sliding Barn Door Hardware Should I Buy?

Right about now, you might be wondering which option to choose for your home. After all, the track is what will tie together the look and feel of your sliding barn door and the room it’s in. Here are two main things to keep in mind when trying to answer this question.

1. Assess the unique style of your home. You want your barn door hardware to complement the door and your home. A home that features rustic farmhouse themes, décor, and architecture would be complemented by a rustic flat track, but not as much by the many modern tracks available.

2. Assess the available space. The biggest question when planning to install a sliding barn door is whether you have enough header space for proper installation. If the answer is yes, then you can choose any track available. If you have limited header space, however, you’ll need to opt for a low clearance track.

Once you’ve got a clear read on the style that would best complement your home and space available, you can choose which type of mount you’d like. Answering the above questions also enables you to choose which track will go with your door panel and whether you want an invisible glass hardware kit, a pocket door kit, a double door panels track system or, another door system that best suits your ideal setup.

Where to Buy Sliding Door Hardware

When you’re ready to purchase a door system, many places will offer to sell you track hardware for a variety of door thicknesses. However, at, we not only provide you with a kit, but installation instructions, and one-on-one assistance. We also provide services no other company offers, such as an extensive range of customization options for all our hardware tracks, phenomenal customer service available before, during, and after your purchase, and design consultation to make sure you get the right item every time.
We are proud of our products and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the right track installed the right way for a seamless, smooth process that leaves you satisfied with your experience and thrilled with your purchase.

A Track for Every Door

Sliding barn door hardware might just be the final piece you need to finish a renovation project or a new build, but it’s certainly not the least piece. Just like the finishing touches on any room, the barn door hardware you choose will go far in complementing your home’s architectural style, the décor you’ve chosen, and the overall look and feel you’re striving to create.

Choose the right hardware and your vision will be complete. Whether you favor a rustic, shabby-chic, modern, or Mediterranean-style home, there is a hardware track available to tie it all together. Take your time and let us help you to get the look you’ve only dreamed of.