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Barn Door Hardware has been a staple of American architecture since the 1700s. The original barn door hardware was forged and hammered, rough hewn by hardworking farmers across the United States. Today, you can find much of that hardware still dotting barns from Vermont to Wyoming. You can also find barn door and sliding door hardware in the homes and offices of new class of hardworking Americans. This next generation of sliding door hardware is designed for longevity, beauty, and fits nearly every design sensibility.

And you can find every style of barn door hardware kit here at, the original sliding hardware company.

Flat Track Hardware

Vintage Straight Strap Large Black |

Flat Track Hardware is the kind of sliding door hardware, adored for a minimalist look that is both rustic and industrial. We carry a wide assortment of flat track kits, starting at $159.00

Modern Hardware


Modern Hardware is synonymous with stainless steel sliding door hardware. These kits are for designers and architects who want a more modern look and a sleeker hardware profile.

Box Track Hardware

CC-993, CC-904, CC-902, CC-920 STUDIO DRAWING

Box Track Hardware remains a popular choice for those who do not want the look of exposed sliding hardware but still want the functionality of a sliding door.

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Soft Close Hardware


Soft Close Hardware brings a sliding door to a smooth stop every time a door is closed. Available for select Flat Track Hardware, Box Track Hardware, and MWE Modern Hardware Kits.

Curved Hardware


We are the leading dealer for several curved track hardware system. Every curved hardware system is custom and made to order.

Hangar Hardware


Hangar Door Hardware is for ultra heavy doors. Please submit a quote for all hangar door hardware inquiries.

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