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6 Benefits of Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

Tuesday September 21st, 2021
Whether it’s installed in a front entrance or the entryway of a room, one thing is certain: a barn door is a simple and elegant solution for adding a little personality and rustic charm to your home. From sliding doors to hinged doors, from single doors to double doors, barn doors are available in a wide variety of styles. When it comes to purchasing the appropriate barn door hardware kit, however, some homeowners don’t take into account is that functionality is just as important as style.

6 Benefits of Soft Close Barn Door Hardware:

  1. Quiet
  2. Smooth Operation
  3. Protects the Door
  4. User Safety
  5. Reduces Need for Maintenance
  6. Increased Appeal
So, if you’re deliberating over which type of barn door hardware to install in your home, soft close barn door hardware will not only increase the functionality of your barn door, but will also increase your door’s longevity. The right style is important when considering the perfect door for your home, but, if you want to save time and money in the long run, choosing the right hardware is essential.

6 Benefits of Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

1. Quiet

Barn doors can be heavy. When opening or closing a traditional wooden barn door, it’s common for the user to push a little harder than necessary. As a result, the momentum of the heavy wood material causes the door panel to slam against the door jamb or, worse yet, the wall. This jarring sound is less than ideal, especially late at night or early in the morning, when the user is trying not to wake everyone in the house.

Soft close barn door hardware utilizes soft stops, so that no matter how hard the door is pushed, when the panel reaches a certain point, it slows down and gently eases itself to a close, reducing the resulting noise to almost nothing. You’ll never wake your children or spouse with a carelessly shut door again!

2. Smooth Operation

While convenient, traditional sliding door hardware can be a little tough to operate, especially if not installed correctly. Installing box track hardware will certainly improve the operation of a sliding barn door. But coupling box track hardware with soft-close technology is an unbeatable way to ensure maximum smoothness and ease of use for your sliding barn door.

Not only will the box track hardware provide more stability and enhanced aesthetic to your sliding barn door, but the soft close hardware will improve functionality and visual appeal when operating your state-of-the-art sliding barn door.

Standard sliding door hardware can be a bit noisy and jerky when in operation. This has the potential to create an impression of low-quality hardware, detracting from the otherwise stately appearance of a wooden barn door panel. Soft close barn door hardware, like this soft close sidewall mount hardware kit, enhances the operation of a sliding barn door by providing a smoother opening and closing. The added ease of use lends the barn door a greater sense of sophistication by providing the perfect soft, understated counterbalance to the barn door’s heavy, rustic appearance.

One gentle push on a properly installed soft close sliding door, and the door panel opens with ease. This takes the frustration out of operating your sliding barn door.

3. Protects the Door

A high-quality barn door is a significant investment—and for good reason. Constructed from durable material meant to withstand the elements, as well as continual daily use, barn doors are meant to last a long time. But, picking out the best material alone will not ensure your barn door’s longevity. Years of constantly banging against the wall, the door stop, or the door frame can wear the finish off your barn door or even crack or chip the wood.

Soft close barn door hardware mitigates this less-than-ideal outcome by preventing the door panels from ever slamming against another surface. By gently easing the panels of your barn door shut, a soft close mechanism ensures that your investment will be protected for years to come.

4. User Safety

Pinched fingers are no joke, especially when it comes to children. Far too often in the home, little ones get their fingers trapped in closed doors. At worst, this can result in broken bones, at best a nasty bruise (and a nastier tantrum).

With soft close barn door hardware, pinched fingers are much less of a concern. Because the soft close mechanism allows the door to shut much slower, it creates that much more of an opportunity to move any wayward digits out of the way.
Something like a soft close sidewall mount with fascia kit will go even further in preventing pinched fingers. The fascia in this hardware kit covers the soft close barn door hardware, preventing a curious toddler (or even a careless adult) from sticking their fingers in the moving parts of the soft close mechanism, which could otherwise result in something even worse than a pinched finger, like a trip to the hospital.

Barn doors are often constructed of solid wood, and are therefore quite heavy. When being shut, their momentum can cause them to slam much faster than the user intended, potentially catching fingers in the process. Utilizing soft close barn door hardware is the perfect way to prevent this.

5. Reduces Need for Maintenance

Over time, continual repeated use will begin to wear down and age door hardware of any kind. Sadly, this wear cannot be avoided; regardless of the type of door hardware you purchase, periodic maintenance and general upkeep will be required. However, soft close barn door hardware does lessen the frequency with which this upkeep will need to be performed.

Because the soft close mechanism ensures that the door panel closes correctly, wear due to improper operation is eliminated. The soft close barn door hardware also distributes tension and weight evenly, meaning that no undue stress is being applied to the hinges, the door tracks, the door stops, or the rails, thereby greatly extending the life of these components.

So, while some minor upkeep is to be expected, you can rest easy knowing that your soft close barn door hardware will keep your barn door in working order for many years to come.

6. Increased Appeal

While the main benefit of soft close barn door hardware is its unbeatable functionality, its aesthetic appeal is not to be overlooked. An interior barn door mounted with a soft close soffit mount hardware kit creates a sharp contrast of old and new that is sure to intrigue guests and contribute a refined, modern flair to your home.

Not only will soft close barn door hardware make your barn door pop, the feel of the door when being opened and closed creates a sense of luxury befitting the grand appearance of a solid wood barn door.

How to Install Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

Installing your own soft close barn door is not without its challenges, but, with the proper tools, the process might be easier than you think. Whether you’re installing a double door or a single door, as long as you’re using soft close barn door hardware, simply follow the steps outlined below and you’ll have your soft close barn door operating smoothly in no time.


Before getting started, make sure you have the proper tools for the job. We’ve narrowed the tool selection down to the absolute essentials.
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Hex Driver
  • Tape Measure
  • Screw Driver
  • Pocket Wrench
  • Pencil

Installing the Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

  1. Mount the Actuator
    • With your tape measure, measure along the front face of the door panel to find the center.
    • Mark the center on the lip of the door with your pencil.
    • Mark the holes for installing the actuator.
    • Drill screws into the holes to mount the actuator.
  2. Install the Soft Close Assembly
    • Mark the center of your sliding track.
    • Center the catch gap on the center mark.
    • Install a mounting bracket on both ends of the soft close assemblies.
    • Make sure the set screws are flush with the insides of the mounting brackets.
    • Secure the mounting brackets to the track by tightening the set screws.
    • Pull the catch toward the center of the track. The soft close assemble should now be in the open position
  3. If Installing a Double Barn Door
    • Simply repeat the process detailed above with the other door panel.
That’s all there is to it! By following the instructions above, you should have your soft close barn door hardware installed in no time. While this task is straightforward, it may require some heavy lifting. In this instance, we recommend asking a friend or family member to give you a hand.

If, at any time, you feel uncertain of your abilities, or you’re under-equipped to perform this installation, seek out the services of a professional handyman or contractor. This is a relatively routine job, and a professional should be able to complete it rather quickly.

Where to Buy Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

Soft close barn door hardware is a great choice for any homeowner, contractor, or house flipper looking to add increased functionality and appeal to a home’s interior. Not only does soft close barn door hardware increase the life of a barn door, but it also helps prevent accidents, such as pinched fingers, while protecting the finish and integrity of the wooden door panel itself.

Soft close barn door hardware is easy to install and even easier to maintain; it’s quiet, durable, and the added functionality it brings is likely to impress guests and potential buyers. No matter the reason you wish to install soft close barn door hardware on an interior sliding door, it can only improve a standard sliding door in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

So, now you know what soft close barn door hardware is, the benefits soft close hardware offers, and even how to install it. All that’s left is to purchase a soft close kit of your own! carries a wide selection of soft close barn door hardware in many styles. Whether you’re looking for a standard double or single sliding door soft close kit, side close mount, a side close kit with a fascia, a box track kit, or anything in between, Barn Door Hardware has you covered. Why wait? Stop by the site and get your soft close barn door hardware today!
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