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Farmhouse Door Hardware for Your Rustic Chic Home

Thursday December 2nd, 2021

Door hardware serves more than just opening and closing your doors. Whether it is for an interior door or exterior door; a wood door or an aluminum one—sliding barn door hardware is the jewelry that will bring the entire look together. If you’re going for a farmhouse chic style, then consider one of these barn door hardware kits:

10 Farmhouse Sliding Door Hardware Kits

  1. Classic Barn Door Hardware
  2. Garrick Spoked Barn Door Hardware
  3. Stag Flat Black Barn Door Hardware
  4. Struck Barn Door Hardware 
  5. 403 Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware Kit
  6. 403 Double Horseshoe Hardware Kit
  7. 410 Teardrop Barn Door Hardware
  8. 419 Fleur-De-Lis-Barn-Door-Hardware
  9. Large Spoked Slim Strap Hardware Kit
  10. 409 I-Shape Barn Door Hardware
On average, swapping from a hinge door to a sliding door saves an estimated 10 to 20 square feet of living space. That’s prime real estate you could be using—especially when it comes to tight spaces.
Changing up your barn door hardware can really increase the aesthetic appeal of your door and interior design. And sliding hardware is anything but boring if you take the time to find a style that suits both you, the door you choose, and your interior design style.
Incorporating rustic barn door hardware into your interior design can really give your home that lived-in, comfortable look you’re going for while still adding a classy, farmhouse touch.

Top 10 Farmhouse Sliding Door Hardware Kits

1. Classic Barn Door Hardware

It’s not called the classic for nothing—our Classic Barn Door Hardware is a best seller, and is the epitome of perfection for sliding barn door rollers. It has a two-inch wide metal strap with metal washers, and a three-inch wheel. You will need seven inches of clearance above this roller, but it is a great style if you want just a dash of rusticity in your space. This looks incredible in any location, but particularly for a bathroom door or mudroom.
You can dress the classic up further by selecting from a variety of finishes, like raw steel, mirror black, brushed copper, brushed brass, and satin chrome. You can also add a barn door slab, barn door handle, and barn door lock to complete the classic look.

2.  Garrick Barn Door Hardware

If you’re looking for farmhouse decor, it can’t possibly get more rustic than our Garrick Sliding Barn Door Hardware. Shown in our Mountain Gold finish, this piece really shines when you pair it with any of our wooden doors. It’s designed so you can see the wheel from all angles, which is a very popular, yet timeless look for your space.
You can, as always, customize the finish if you’d prefer a different color, and it works with any of our sliding barn doors. This also comes in a Garrick Spoked Version if you’d like a little more definition on the wheel.

3. Stag Flat Black Barn Door Hardware

Another best-selling option, the Stag Flat Black is exactly what it promises: flat, black, and sleek. Ready to fit right in with all your farmhouse chic needs, the thin metal strap is blunt on the end and wraps around the wheel at the top. A perfect option for those who like things timeless and simple, you can’t go wrong with this choice.
If you really want your door to shine, you can customize the finish with a pleasing pop of color. The best part, though? It’s ready to ship the same day, 100% made in the USA, and you can even add a Ready to Ship door pull to it. Perfect for those last-minute DIY upgrades.

4. Struck Barn Door Hardware 

The Struck Barn Door Hardware Kit is not for the faint of heart. It requires a little extra clearance, but it is worth it for the pop of design it adds to your door. Made of a solid steel, 3/16” strap with a diamond pattern at the base and topped with a gorgeous, high-grade solid aluminum spoked wheel, this is a statement piece is ready to be installed into your farmhouse space.
You can make this barn door kit even bolder by customizing the finish to something like raw steel, wrought iron, distressed white, oil rubbed bronze, antique pewter, forged, glacier (a gorgeous ice blue) or even a barn red. Go wild—the only limit is your imagination!

5. 403 Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware Kit

If you have a heavier door, this lucky 403 Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware Kit is exactly what you need. Made with quarter-inch solid steel, it’s available in black, dark bronze, and brushed stainless steel. It can fit a variety of door systems from a single barn door, to both bypassing and biparting barn door styles.
The horseshoe design makes this the quintessential farmhouse addition by adding a little bit of equine decor to your house, office, or commercial space.

6. 403 Double Horseshoe Hardware Kit

Looking for a fancier version of the horseshoe? The 403 Double Horseshoe Hardware Kit adds two vertical, solid steel bars across the wheels on the barn door track, giving this more of an industrial look and a more heavy-duty feel. Perfect for those larger, more rustic heavy wooden doors.  It comes in black, painted bronze, or brushed nickel, and would look phenomenal on closets, in pantries, or anywhere else you want to add a little more Yellowstone-eqsue design into your house.
As with all our hardware, this kit comes complete with the hangers, lag bolts, track tops, and concealed bottom guides to make install a breeze.  

Our website makes it easy to select your door system. This design works on single, biparting, and bypassing doors. Just select your finish, track length, and whether you’d like pre-drilled holes or a soft close option.

7. 410 Teardrop Barn Door Hardware

Available for install on either a single, bi parting or bypass system, the 410 Teardrop Barn Door Hardware Kit is made of quarter-inch thick solid steel and features a beautiful, single teardrop style secured to the door of your choosing with three solid steel rivets.
This hardware kit comes in black, painted bronze, and brushed nickel, so you can choose the finish that best complements other decor fixtures, such as lighting. Add a soft close option to make this bold beauty smooth and quiet.  

8. 419 Fleur-De-Lis Barn Door Hardware

Nothing says rustic-yet-chic quite like our 419 Fleur-De-Lis Barn Door Hardware. No matter your door thickness, this design will give it a feminine design touch. We love how much the curves of the fleur-de-lis soften the bold edges typically used on barn door hardware. It adds bit of whimsy into the room. The Fleur-De-Lis Hardware Kit would look amazing as a pantry door, or used to hide away laundry machines.
This gorgeous hardware is available in brushed steel, clear coat steel, painted bronze, antique bronze, brushed stainless steel, mill stainless steel, new penny, and machined copper. It is 100% made in the USA, and will look 100% perfect on any door of your choosing.

9. Large Spoked Slim Strap Hardware Kit

The Large Spoked Slim Strap Hardware Kit is exactly as it sounds. We created this for people who prefer a larger spoked wheel, but don’t like the look of thick solid straps. The wheel is truly the focal point on this piece, and all the hardware is powder coated in either black, dark bronze, or brushed stainless steel. You choose your door system, whether you want the holes pre-drilled, and if you want to add on a soft-close option.

Select from single, biparting or bypassing doors, as well as needed track length. This kit is made the United States and shipped with love and care directly to your door.

10. 409 I-Shape Barn Door Hardware

The iconic 409 I-Shape Barn Door Hardware is here to add a bit of alphabet eccentricity to your sliding barn door. The “I” design adds a bit of a railroad feel to the door, and is made 100% in the USA. Choose your track length, whether you want pre-drilled holes, and then select between our top three finishes: black, brushed steel or dark bronze. All options are guaranteed to make this solid steel door hardware pop on the door of your choice.

This particular model can be used on a single, biparting, or bypassing door system, and is suitable for both interior doors and exterior doors. It comes with all the customized wall spacers, hangers, track tops, anti-jump blocks, a concealed bottom guide, and installation instructions. Available in black, dark bronze, and brushed stainless steel—everything you need to create the custom sliding door you’ve always wanted.

Complete Your Farmhouse Door with 

If you’re looking to step up your rustic decor game, has sliding door hardware kits and barn doors ready to transform your house into farmhouse dream.

Each of our sliding hardware kits come with thorough, easy-to-read instructions, making installation a simple, DIY weekend project. And, if you have any questions, our team is happy to help assist; simply reach out to us any time via phone or email! 
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