Why Choose a Barn Door over a Traditional Door?

Why Choose a Barn Door over a Traditional Door?

Barn doors are becoming more and more popular in the home and office, and many individuals are wondering if they should choose a barn door for their next renovation project. Well, there are many reasons why barn doors are superior to traditional swinging doors from both a practical and aesthetic standpoint. Barn doors are capable of altering a building layout in a way that improves efficiency, flow, and storage space. They also offer more options for stylistic design plans because of the abundance of barn door hardware available for customization.

Barn doors are better for your home because they increase the overall value of any building to which they are added. These unique doors are in high demand and they add a sense of sophistication to every room where they are installed. It is also extremely easy to match these doors to a specific theme. Fans of modernism, country living, and all other design styles will find something to love in barn doors.

Sliding door hardware is now the safest and easiest to operate style of door on the market. This is partly in thanks to Soft Close technology which ensures a soft and careful close every time. This technology is especially useful in homes with small children. Finger smashing is a common accident with tradition swinging doors, but sliding barn door hardware with the Soft Close feature is designed to prevent these types of accidents. Barn doors with the Soft Close feature will not slam, and this protects both the door and the door frame from damage. Barn doors are designed to be incredibly durable and they will last longer that traditional swinging doors. With the Soft Close feature, the lifespan of these doors is extended even further beyond the relatively short lifespan of the common swing door.

The tracks that sliding doors move along are designed to promote ease of movement. This makes closing even the heaviest of barn doors a breeze. Those who are interested in installing a barn door in their home but are afraid that the door would be bulky or hard to maneuver should know that a high quality barn door should be easy to open to and close. When it comes to the best in function and style, nothing can compare to sliding barn door hardware.

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