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What is Mid Century Modern?

Tuesday March 9th, 2021
What is Mid Century Modern?

Mid Century Modern is a unique home decor style that puts a modern spin on styles from the 1950s and 1960s. Think geometric shapes and furniture with tapered legs. With an iconic combination of urban decor and natural materials, nature inspired furniture is a staple of the Mid Century Modern Style. Mid Century Modern is one of the most in-demand styles with its ergonomic furniture and minimalistic decor. With a huge focus on furniture and creating a space for relaxing conversation, Mid Century Modern is a comfortable yet stunning design style.

How do I Achieve this Look?

When trying to achieve a Mid Century Modern look, focus on furniture with tapered and hairpin legs. Mid Century Modern Designs incorporate whimsical, organic shaped decor that encourage conversation and lounging around with friends and family. Play around with shapes. Shapes, designs, and colors are very unique to the Mid Century Modern Design. While most pieces are focused on a neutral-tones palette, color-saturated accessories are a nod to the time period Mid Century Modern is inspired by. Patterns consist of geometric, atomic, and modern decor.

Mid Century Modern encompasses a design aesthetic that can be broken down into smaller segments and incorporated into different designs and styles like Retro-Mid Century Modern, Mid Century Modern-Chic, and Contemporary Mid Century Modern. That being said, you don't have to marry the Mid Century Modern look, you can incorporate a few pieces here and there that fit in with your existing decor. Mid Century Modern decor is very versatile and can bring a comfortable and effortless vibe to any space.

Mid Century Modern Barn Doors

 Ponder Mirror Barn Door and Buck Barn Door Hardware by Rustica

 French Quarter Barn Door and Buck Barn Door Hardware by Rustica

Aztec Barn Door and Classic Barn Door Hardware by Artisan Hardware

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