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What is Grandmillennial Style?

Tuesday January 19th, 2021
As you may have seen on many different social platforms or media websites, millennials have flipped the tables on modern home decor and started incorporating old trends and fads into their home designs. The grandmillennial style is a thrifted look that encourages uniqueness and individuality inspired by decor from the late 20’s to early 30’s.  

This generation is bringing back old school designs and vintage throwbacks with a modern twist. Avoiding the stuffiness and clutter that comes with vintage/thrifted decor, this generation is incorporating things like floral wallpaper, wooden furniture, monogrammed linens, and embroidered pillows! As we’ve seen some call it, the “granny chic” look. The grandmillennial look is the essence of achieving a nostalgic design without looking kitschy. This generation is all about finding ways to stand out and show their individuality, they don't care how long it takes them to find the perfect vintage piece or how much it costs, they enjoy the journey of thrifting and taking cool nostaligic pieces and making them their own.

Not only does this look bring back all of the fun vibes and memories from the past, it also gives this generation a way to express themselves by drawing inspiration from older generations. There is a lot to learn from the past and we love seeing this same traditional styled home continue to inspire designers. Especially, if this older looking decor reminds you of memories or experiences that bring you joy and happiness. Surrounding yourself with meaningful decor is very important, especially during this day and age when we are all spending large amounts of time at home. The grandmillennial look also requires a lot of thrifting and repurposing furniture which is always a good idea and brings a lot of character and originality to your home! Now we will get into the pros and cons of this new style!

  • Incorporates meaningful decor into your home design.
  • Brings back old school designs that we all know and love with a fun, new, and modern twist.
  • Putting up wallpaper is a much quicker DIY project than painting an entire space.
  • Features various different textures and patterns bringing a lot more interest and design to your home.
  • Repurposes furniture resulting in less waste.

  • Hard to achieve this look without looking kitschy. 
  • Mixing two many patterns can look overwhelming.
  • Finding vintage furniture pieces in good condition can be difficult.
  • This style may be a fad and go out of style in the near future.

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