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What Does it Take to Soundproof a Concert Hall?

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Recording studios, sound studios and concert halls all use soundproofing equipment for their set up. Recording studios sometimes implement flat track barn door hardware and barn doors, while sound studios use elephant doors. But because concert halls are larger than a recording studio, they have different requirements. Concert halls tend to have space large enough to seat hundreds, or even thousands, of people. So, the purpose of the acoustic gear here is different than a recording studio. The concern here is not only keeping the sound inside the auditorium but also prohibiting the outside noise from entering into the auditorium.
The design of auditoriums is to have performances sound as great as possible to each individual in the audience. This becomes a real challenge as we take into consideration the amount of people consistently moving about, the level of soundproofing needed and maintaining safety requirements at the same time.
Barn doors with flat track barn door hardware, as well as accordion doors can be designed acoustically, which is why they are sometimes used in designs that require soundproofing. However, acoustic doors that have proper seals, threshold and frame are typically used for concert halls. These come with single and double door versions. Most likely you have seen these being used in movie theaters, schools and industrial facilities.
The nitty gritty of Designing the acoustic of a Concert Hall
When considering the best acoustic doors for an auditorium, you have to consider its design. Here is what goes into the careful planning of a concert hall:
Testing using scale models and computer models to determine how sound will reverberate throughout the hall.
Determining the shape of the hall – the way sounds bounce around in a shoe box shape is different than it would in fan-shaped hall.
Whether the walls will bounce off sound or absorb it.
The location of the concert hall. If it’s in the center of a busy city, then it will require acoustic doors that will help to keep sound out.
The interior of buildings housing concert halls can have other types of doors implemented. For instance, sliding doors with flat track barn door hardware or accordion doors can be used to instill privacy, soundproofing and style.
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