The Basics of Barn Door Hardware: Choosing Your Style

The Basics of Barn Door Hardware: Choosing Your Style

Everywhere you look, people are talking about the awesome design feature that is barn door

hardware. The internet is full of positive information, articles and reviews, and pictures of

hardware in action, showing off everything that it has to offer. Of course, like any part of a

design or renovation, you really have to focus in on finding the right style for your tastes.

Here are a few questions that designers can ask themselves when choosing the best hardware

and accessories for their project:

What is the overall design of the room or space?

If you’re creating a modern look, you will want to choose hardware that accentuates the overall

design and adds to the space. Barn door hardware is available in just about any style you have

in mind. Take advantage of that.


What best suits the homeowner or client?

For example, a client might swear that they want a rustic barn door hardware installation to add

charm to their home. If the rest of the design follows that, it will work. If, however, the client has

a more modern vibe or design idea, consider that route. While you are the designer, you do

have to appease your clients.


Where is the hardware going?

A sliding barn door can be installed in many different places throughout the home. Certain types

of hardware might look better in one area or another. Rustic barn door hardware, for example,

might not fit into that modern kitchen, but it could work in the den where the charming, rustic

look is the primary focus.


What suits the door you will be using?

Barn door hardware needs to “go” with the door that it is outfitted on. You wouldn’t install a solid,

industrial style barn door and then add light modern hardware, for example. Look for hardware

that stands out but still ultimately fits in with the final design.

Barn door hardware comes in so many different styles and it shouldn’t be hard for everyone to

find the best look for their space. If you are new to this design feature or just want to make sure

that you are doing it right, use these questions to decide on the best hardware for your design.

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