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The 5 Most Common Places to Put a Barn Door

Thursday April 1st, 2021
Barn doors are a great place to start when you’re looking to revamp your interior design or add a little something extra to a space with little direction. With their sliding functionality and tasteful designs, barn doors can be added to just about any space! We hope this list of the 5 most common places to put a barn door inspires you and gives you direction on where to place a barn door in your home.

Home Office

The most common place for a barn door is a home office. With many of us working from home, home office barn doors have quickly become a staple piece in today's designs. Barn Doors are a quick and easy way to elevate a space and create a grand entrance.


Believe it or not, ensuites are the second most common place to put a barn door. With a variety of glass and finish options, people use sliding barn doors to separate their ensuite from their bedroom while maintaining the level of privacy they desire. Some ensuite doors feature a frosted or heavy textured glass to maximize privacy and others feature a clear and lightly textured glass to showcase the beauty of the ensuite.


Imagine walking into a home and being greeted by a gorgeous set of sliding barn doors. This is why entryways fall in third place when it comes to the most common places to put a barn door. Barn doors are perfect for entryways with their space-saving abilities and artistry. Install double sliding barn doors in your entryway and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Bedroom Closets

Barn doors are great for spaces that feel cramped or messy. Bedrooms falling in both of those categories puts bedroom closet spaces in fourth place for most common places to put a barn door. The sliding functionality of barn doors makes it very easy to promote an open and organized bedroom appearance. There are various barn door designs that can refresh your bedroom look and help you pick out your next outfit!

Laundry Rooms

Last on our list is laundry rooms. Laundry rooms are commonly one of the smaller rooms in the home which means space is limited, especially when you're doing laundry. And I think we all can agree that our motivation to do laundry slower decreases as our laundry rooms become messier and messier. Barn doors are a great way to hide the laundry room mess and maximize the space inside the laundry room to help you stay organized.

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