Spotlight on New Rolling Door Hardware: This Year’s Hottest Designs

Spotlight on New Rolling Door Hardware: This Year’s Hottest Designs

The sliding barn door is a great design addition to any home. These doors add a unique look that can be rustic and charming or it can be modern and stylish, or any combination in between. As more people search for better solutions and nontraditional door options, this style is quickly becoming a hit. The sliding barn door lends itself to flexible design. It also saves space in the home by being installed along a wall instead of taking up floor space.

One of the best features of the sliding door is the unique rolling door hardware that you have to choose from. There are dozens of different hardware options to accent your sliding barn door, including the track and rollers, handles and pulls, and other accessories. These all offer different finishes and are made from a variety of metals, including the latest rustic styles that feature hammered track and horseshoe designs that are giving people the perfect pieces for their Americana design.

Another new type of rolling door hardware is the soft-stop collection of hardware. These pieces are designed to roll slowly, despite how hard they are pulled (or pushed) and add a safety feature to any sliding barn door. Plus, they can help keep the door itself, the wall, and the hardware in better shape by not allowing the door to slam open or closed.

Industrial hardware and eco-friendly hardware designs are also hot for 2015, giving the sliding door a new way to show off its style. It also gives consumers more options for the design that they want in their home. Sliding doors and their accompanying hardware are designed and built to custom specifications so that they will fit into any room in your home, or any space where you need a more flexible door option.

Installing a rolling door is a great option to enhance the design of your home, but it also offers function. These doors will add to any space and provide the kind of solutions that you need for your renovation projects. With the trendy rolling door hardware making its debut this year, it won’t be hard for everyone to find a style that they love.

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