Sliding Doors in Commercial Spaces: Big Hardware for Big Jobs

Sliding Doors in Commercial Spaces: Big Hardware for Big Jobs

Commercial installation is much different from traditional residential jobs. Commercial sliding

barn door hardware is different in that it is much heavier duty and designed to provide the

support that is needed for an installation on a much bigger scale. There are a number of barn

door hardware kit selections as well as custom pieces that can be ordered separately to ensure

that you get the best hardware for the job.

Industrial and commercial interior barn door hardware offers something for every style, from

classic rustic hardware to industrial, modern, and even high-end contemporary designs that will

help accentuate any space. Choosing a barn door hardware kit is a great way to get the best

collection, but you can also pick and choose your interior barn door hardware by piece if you


What’s in a Kit?

The barn door hardware kit will typically include all of the track pieces and hardware that you

need to install the track. It might also feature accessories and additional parts, such as extra

rollers, spare bolts, other hardware like pulls and handles, and so forth. It all depends on what

you choose when you’re shopping. Barn door hardware comes in all styles, including everything

from rustic to contemporary, and it is available for a lot less than you think from leading brands

in the industry.

The barn door hardware kit will include all of the parts that you need, customized to your chosen

finish, so that you can install your sliding doors. There is even an autoslide device that you can

add to your sliding doors for even more convenience, if you so desire. By shopping with high-

end retailers that know the barn door hardware industry, you can trust that you’re getting

everything you need.

Tubular Track for Heavy-Duty Jobs

In commercial installations, tubular track barn door hardware offers an alternative for a stronger,

more durable track than what is available from other track styles. It is designed to hold

excessive amounts of weight comparatively, with ratings up to 450 pounds. This is ideal for the

installation of sliding glass, metal, or other doors made of heavy materials. Not only that, but it

can offer more security than a standard sliding door track. The installation process with tubular

track hardware is simple and will show just why it is rated so much higher than other tracks.

The tubular barn door track systems include all of the hardware necessary, and offer a variety of

track lengths and custom-ordered track options. These are made of high-quality materials and

rated to hold the weight needed. Some tubular track styles aren’t designed to hold as much

weight, though, so make sure that you look at the specs before you choose the barn door track

that you want to use.

Other Tracks and Installation Options

There are many different tracks available in the sliding door hardware market. Each track has its

own different features, but all are designed to be safe, sturdy, and provide the functional use

that designs need. There are different styles of tracks as well, including flat track, horseshoe flat

track, and even tubular track. The finishes are usually black or stainless steel, but are also

available in an array of different finishes and colors with customization.

Flat track barn door hardware is the original style that dates back to the turn of the century.

Using a flat track, the door could lay closer to the wall than with other track styles. This track

was used in many different places, and still is today, such as in apartments and lofts,

restaurants, galleries, and other places around the world. The hammered flat track styles offers

that rustic look that many people like for its charm, while the horseshoe flat track has a more

decorative style that is very attractive.

Commercial installation requires attention to detail and the right hardware for the job.

Fortunately, that is easy to find when you work with the best brands in the industry.

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