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Sliding Acoustical Doors

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Looking for a sliding door that reduces sound transmission? We’ve got ‘em at Barn Door Hardware! We provide specialty doors, including acoustical doors for both sliding and swinging applications, at savings of up to 50 percent off!

Very large acoustical doors are sometimes called “Elephant Doors,” and are usually too large for a swinging hinged door and are operated electrically due to their size. We’ve sold these systems all over the world, including to clients such as Disney Studios, Warner Brothers and Paramount Studios.

Our panels are shipped in 4 to 5 feet widths so they are easier to handle and install on site. Even 30 to 40 feet is not too high for our doors! We’ll sound test for you on site, and also provide constant pressure key switches, relays, safety edges and any other controls required.

Finally, while our old stage doors were extremely heavy and could be a problem during power failures, our newer and current acoustical doors can be manually operated with little effort.
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