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Rustic Charm with Modern Convenience: Autoslide for the Sliding Barn Door

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
The sliding barn door is a hot topic in design right now, offering a lot of great ways to revamp the home and create a whole new look. Plus, it takes the hassle out of installing traditional doors and gives you back that valuable floor space that you have been missing. Barn door hardware is completely customizable, as well, which ensures that everyone will get the look that they want with ease. Rustic barn door hardware is the most popular option for the Americana fans who are seeking a charming tribute to a simpler world.

Of course, thanks to technology, the sliding barn door can give you all the rustic charm that you want and still offer modern convenience. Autoslide, an automatic door sliding mechanism, is available from and its parent company, Specialty Doors, to install on any sliding door in the home. Once installed, this system will allow the door to open automatically as it is tripped by a sensor. Not only is this convenient, but it can also be a safety feature worth having in the home.

If you have autoslide attached to your sliding door, the chances for slamming the door or pinching fingers or other appendages will be greatly reduced. The automatic system is designed to move slowly enough so that it doesn’t damage the door or endanger anyone, and it cannot be manually forced open or closed in a hurried fashion.

Autoslide is also great for people who want to prevent germs as much as possible. With an automatic door, there’s no need for you to grab a handle or touch the door at all. This will reduce the germs that are in your home and the chances to come in contact with them, as well.

Americana is a big design trend right now, and that rustic charm is something that everyone is searching for. With the sliding barn door, you can create the perfect look with a custom design every single time. Plus, you can utilize features like Autoslide to enhance your door, increase your home’s safety, and even just take advantage of modern technology.
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