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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Ideas!

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
The kitchen is like a blank canvas – there are so many things you can add and change to transform it into an admirable masterpiece. If you’re planning to make some changes to your kitchen in the near future, then you should find ideas that are both functional and affordable. One concept that’s gaining traction is the sliding barn door and their immaculate rustic barn door hardware. You’ll find the following ideas to be ideal for renovating your kitchen while on a budget.

Give Your Kitchen a Farmhouse Feel

Some of us enjoy contemporary kitchens, while others want something a bit more traditional and homey. You can accomplish this goal by going with a warm farmhouse kitchen design. There are a couple of affordable upgrades you can make to your kitchen to accommodate this design. For instance, you could install a sliding barn door for an attached patio, to separate the kitchen from another room or as part of a pantry.

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are also quite popular. These are deep set and come in beautiful warm colors such as bronze and off-white. Incorporating this into the design can give you an all around farm kitchen vibe.

Apply Rustic Hardware Throughout

If you want a rustic kitchen, you can add rustic hardware to your kitchen furniture. This includes changing the knobs on your kitchen cabinets and if you decide to implement a sliding barn door, you can add it there as well. Rustic kitchens are great if you’re looking for a dated feel that never gets old. There are fixtures you can purchase that are rustic, such as faucets, sink handles and lights. It all depends on how far you want to take your rustic design.

Update Your Kitchen Counters

Depending on the material you use, you can affordably update your kitchen counters. This can be done in tandem with adding backsplashes to your kitchen walls. This will add functionality and allure to your kitchen space. Make sure to choose a material for your counters that is suitable for your lifestyle. If you cook a lot, a material that is heat-resistant and not easy to scratch would be ideal.

Create an Indoor/Outdoor Space Using Barn Doors

If your kitchen is next to your patio, you can use barn doors to create an indoor/outdoor space. Some like to eat outdoors – with the simple function of the barn doors, the dining table can be carried outdoors with ease. Then when mealtime is over, it can be placed back inside. Having this attractive option can be an excellent way to entertain your dinner guests.

Have Your Kitchen Cabinets Refinished

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is enough to revive old furniture. If you don’t want to dish out the extra money it’d cost to update the cabinets as a whole, why not invest in paint supplies? This can be done on your own, making it a cost-effective update that can offer up stunning results. If you decide to use barn doors in your kitchen décor, consider painting them the same color.

Add Sliding Barn Doors as a Divider

As previously mentioned, you can divide your kitchen into a separate space using barn doors. This is typically done for areas where the kitchen meets an eating or living area, such as the dining room or den. It can be an awesome way to create space and add appeal to your kitchen.

Your kitchen is one of the most frequented areas of your home. Use these design ideas to come up with ways to turn your eye sore into eye candy!

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