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Pimp My Design: Barn Door Hardware With Bling Factor

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Barn door hardware is becoming a popular choice for many renovations in the home where the sliding barn door is utilized. Of course, these designs are also being found in commercial settings as the trend of unique, stylish doors that also have function is sweeping the country. There are so many custom options for barn door hardware and while most people think of the rustic style that adds the traditional Americana look, there’s much more to the selection than that. In addition to traditional styles, we have a full selection of sliding barn door hardware that shows off your style and gives you that high-class look that you crave.

With so many styles of sliding barn door hardware available, it is no wonder that this is such a popular choice for high-end homes in and around Los Angeles and the rest of the world. Celebrities and homeowners alike are turning to this design feature to get more from their homes and it’s not hard to do. Some of the best barn door hardware is stylish, flashy, and designed to get noticed. Bling factor is big for high-end design and our barn door hardware selection definitely has it. Here are a few styles to consider when you want to pimp out your barn door installation.

If color is what you want, the Loft Colors for the flat track system has it. These hardware pieces are available in red, white, or yellow to add a pop of color to your design when black or stainless finishes aren’t enough. We also have the new bamboo hardware collection, featuring wheels that stand out and show off your taste no matter where you install the door. Axel makes a full selection of raw steel materials that have been transformed into barn door hardware for a stylish, sleek, and more durable design than what other track systems offer.

Our collection of custom flat track barn door hardware is where it’s at if you want bling factor, though. Here, you’ll be able to find a variety of materials and finishes for your hardware to create the perfect custom look. This includes stainless and black finishes along with modern accents, custom hanger designs, and so much more. The Baldur and Rob Roy models in our tubular track collection also have that extra detail and bling factor that you’re looking for, with many mounts and styles to choose from.

This is all in addition to the wide array of track accessories, hardware kits, and other barn door hardware products that can be purchased individually or as a set at We have a full selection of door pulls, hinges, guide kits, bearings and upgrades, and other accessories that will pimp your door design to a whole new level of style.
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