The New

The New

The website you see today represents the almost year long effort to finally bring a better to our customers and clients. One that meets the needs and wants of our customers.

Now you can easily browse the largest selection of barn door hardware online, customize that hardware on our site, and buy it on our site.

In the Beginning… was a rarity among websites. It has history and it has roots that go back almost as far as the birth of the modern Internet. 2003 in 2003

Specialty Doors (the parent company of launched its first website in 1996.

Think about that…1996. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were just thinking of a thing called “Google”. Steve Jobs was the CEO of NeXT Computer and Apple was teetering on the brink of a bankrupt abyss. had only been online for about a year and still sold mostly books.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was 12.  


We have always been a company that was built around customer service. Call us and we’ll pick up the phone. Email us and you will get a reply. Have a difficult installation? Need hardware to fit a challenging specification? Questions about customizations? We are here for you.

The one thing our customers could never do was shop and buy online.

Now they can.

But the service? That does not change, and it never will.

Oh, and Pardon Our Dust

A website is like a great unfinished masterpiece. It is never finished; always being continuously improved. As we transition into the world of e-commerce we fully expect a couple bumps along the way.

If you have problems ordering or need help, guess what? We are still here. Call us any time and we will help you.


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