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New Barn Door Trend: Wide Barn Doors

Thursday April 29th, 2021
Barn doors have been gaining momentum in popularity since the early 2000s. As styles change and evolve with the home decor industry, barn doors have also adapted and evolved since the traditional style you’d see out on a stable or barn. Due to recent observations, wide barn doors have found a prominent place in modern and farmhouse-style homes. What makes a wide barn door? Big, grand barn doors framed in metal that feature lots of glass, this style of barn door has become a well sought-after home decor piece and beautiful addition to any home!

How wide can you get barn doors?

Wide barn doors can be anywhere from four to seven feet wide! Depending on your door opening and how much clearance you have to either side of the opening, you can get a VERY wide barn door for your home! If you have a large opening but your ceilings aren't very tall, make sure to consider the proportions of your door and how the grid pattern will look enlarged and stretched out. Some styles look better as wide barn doors than others. If you're nervous about the grid pattern and what it might look like enlarged and stretched out, you can always exercise the idea of double barn doors. However, selecting a barn door style with a simple grid pattern is always a safe idea no matter how wide you desire the door to be.


How to Integrate a Wide Barn Door into Your Home Decor

Wide barn doors lay flush with the wall making them very easy to put anywhere in the home. However, wide barn doors are most commonly found in entryways. You can close off the space to the right or left or your entryway with a gorgeous metal and glass wide barn door without completely closing it off. Wide barn doors make great noise barriers and room dividers without sacrificing beauty or style. The bigger the better right?

Another great way to integrate a wide barn door into your home is in a loft area or hallway at the top of a staircase that overlooks the living room. Wide barn doors create beautiful and great focal points that will effortlessly guide your guests' eyes up the staircase and to the barn door.

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