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Mixing Country and Contemporary Home Décor

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
A huge currently trending interior design fad is Contemporary Country décor. This contemporary style blends the sleek feel of a contemporary home with the charm and character of a countryside feel. This blended style gives homeowners a house that feels updated and new, without feeling too stark and unwelcoming. Are you interested in transforming your home into a contemporary country getaway? Here are a few easy ways to achieve this style.

Repainting Old Cabinetry:

Often times when updating an older kitchen, home owners’ initial desire is to rip out old cabinetry. However, if those original cabinets have any interesting beveling or otherwise unique woodwork, they may be worth salvaging. Reusing interesting original cabinetry, by repainting that cabinetry in a modern color, adding modern fixtures, and/or pairing the cabinetry with a modern countertop and backsplash, is oftentimes an easy and cost effective way to give a kitchen that contemporary country feel. Maintaining the quirky history of those cabinets, while adding a new modern color elevates the kitchen’s overall aesthetic into a contemporary, yet cozy, sensibility.

Mixing Textures:

Texture mixing is one of the best ways to avoid that contemporary starkness that can so often make your home feel modern, but less comfortable. By pairing warm wood floors with a clean white kitchen and sleek metal fixtures, your space feels both updated and welcoming. Interesting pillows, rugs, and artwork can also add comfort of an otherwise severely modern space.

Repurposing Old Items:

Do you have an old dresser you love, but no longer need? Turn it into your bathroom vanity! Just because a piece of furniture was originally designated to serve one purpose does not mean it cannot be incorporated into your house and operate differently. Repurposing an old item into something else by adding modern finishes or wiring, like transforming an old dresser into a vanity by installing plumbing, maintains that items original charm, while incorporating the modern perspective of reinvention. Try turning a cluster of old mason jars into a fun vase or light fixture!

Adding Barn Doors:

Installing barn doors into your living space is a perfect way to add country flavor into your contemporary home. Barn doors, rustic and aged, bring with them the warmth and history of farming culture, but in a re-imagined setting that makes their application feel completely innovative. Barn doors provide imaginative separation for your kitchen or bedroom from other living spaces.

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