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Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door


Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door

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Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door


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The Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door is a wonderful addition to any home. The 3 large offset pieces of glass enhance the Mid-Century Modern flair that is increasingly growing in popularity. The wood can be stained or painted any color to create a door that fits any home. The door are made from alder wood and your selection of glass. The glass offers a clean appearance and timeless Mid-Century design. Each piece of glass is inset precisely in the location where it will afford the least amount of risk of breaking or being damaged in transit. The runners are connected to the centerpieces of wood with nails, glue, and mortise and tenon joinery.

Midcentury 3-Panel Barn Doors are most often installed at the following locations:
  • Entrance to a Study
  • Dining Room
  • Office Buildings
  • Master Bedroom Entrance
This door includes a groove along the bottom, manufactured to work perfectly for a door guide.

This barn door is complementary to any of our barn door hardware.

6 Reasons to Add a Midcentury Modern Barn Door to Your Home

Midcentury modern design first became popular in the middle of the 20th century, and it continues to remain popular as an interior design concept today. While period pieces are always sought after, modern takes on the midcentury look are ideal for pairing modern design with a midcentury feel. This includes sliding barn doors. There are many reasons to add a midcentury barn door to your home including:  

6 Benefits of a Midcentury Barn Door

  1. Midcentury Aesthetics
  2. Space-Saving Functionality
  3. Fully Customizable
  4. Increased Privacy
  5. Trend-Setting Statement
  6. Upgraded Interior Appeal
Though the first interior sliding doors looked more like a traditional barn door, today’s sliding barn doors can pair with any type of interior design style. A midcentury barn door is no exception. Not only can you save space and perfectly match your decor style, but you can dramatically upgrade the interior appeal and value of your home.

What is Mid Century Modern Design?

Midcentury modern is an interior design style that became widely popular in the mid-1900s. After coming through the war, Americans were all looking forward to a better future. The interior design world reflected this optimistic spirit, and came out with pieces that were stylish, simple, updated, and modern.

There are several key elements in the midcentury modern style. Most pieces are crafted from wood and serve multiple purposes. Midcentury furniture designs really placed an emphasis on increased functionality. Woods and metals were mixed with glass and vinyl to create a unique look and feel.

Shapes were also important, as were colors. Shapes served to present an angular, clean feeling to each room. Colors were used to create a pop of interest and the space and furniture stand out.  

When it comes to installing a mid century modern barn door, you should keep all these hallmarks in mind. Our mid century modern sliding barn door features clean lines and three glass panels that can be customized to allow light or provide privacy. The door face features wood set in both horizontal and vertical placements, creating a unique contrast that highlights the beauty of the wood grain.

If you’re looking for a modern sliding door, look no further than our mid century modern door design.

6 Reasons to Add a Midcentury Barn Door to Your Home

There are many reasons to add our midcentury barn door to your home, including:

1. Midcentury Aesthetics

One of the top reasons to add this barn door to your home is for the classic midcentury aesthetics it provides. Our Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door hits all the hallmarks of midcentury aesthetics and multi-purpose, multi-functional design.
Mid century decor is known for two things. First, the wood is allowed to shine. Many pieces in a midcentury home are crafted from wood and left unadorned. The natural wood is the focal piece, and adds to the overall style and warmth of the home.

This door certainly does that.

The second thing midcentury decor is known for is serving as a statement piece. This typically means there is a pop of color somewhere in the room, be it a door, table, couch, wall, or other element. While this door looks stunning with a clear finish, you can certainly add that pop of color to your room by choosing a paint color for the finish. Indigo blue, for example, will provide a lush contrast to cream walls, and match interior accent pieces such as vases, picture frames, and other smaller decor items. Goose grey would provide a softer accent of color for homes that enjoy a midcentury modern look that features more natural colors.

No matter how you customize this door, the clean lines, multi-purpose qualities, and finish will all contribute to the midcentury aesthetic appeal you’ve created in your home.

Before you submit your order, be sure to add a hardware kit that further maximizes the look and feel of this stunning door. We suggest door hardware that provides a bit of contrast, such as the Oden Face Mount Track in stainless.

2. Space-Saving Functionality

One of the best features of our mid century door is its space-saving functionality. As opposed to traditional swinging doors, our sliding barn door conserves floor space by utilizing wall space instead. This creates the ultimate pairing of function and style that mid century modern doors and decor are known for.

Our mid century modern interior doors can be further enhanced by installing aesthetically appropriate barn door handles to one side of the door as well. Door handles provide ease of operation for your sliding barn door, and further enhance its functionality. These handles are ideal whether you have a full-size sliding door or a smaller set of doors that cover your tv stand or entertainment center.

3. Fully Customizable

Our mid century modern barn door is fully customizable, meaning you can pick from a variety of door options to style it just the way you want. While the door style is for a modern farmhouse that features mid century interior design, you can pull barn door inspiration from other design concepts and customize the door to reflect your preferences.

One necessary customization is the ability to change the door’s height and width. This option comes standard on all our barn doors. Beyond this, however, you can also customize the wood species, the door finish, the glass style, and the door’s texture. Then, you can choose options like modern hardware, sliding barn door tracks, handles, a lock, and support header.

Specific measurements ensure that your sliding barn door installation goes off without a hitch. When it comes to wood finish, a clear finish on alder wood will create a beautiful door that stands out by introducing a natural element to any room. Paint on poplar wood can be chosen to create a pop of color if you want to draw the eye toward the door. Whether you customize the door to blend in or stand out, our customization process makes your barn door inspiration come to life.

You can also choose the barn door hardware style and track color that best fits the look and feel of your barn door and the room it’s being placed in. Depending on your preferences, the track color and finish can be utilized to create contrast, so the track stands out or matches the existing color scheme to blend in.

4. Increased Privacy

Though our mid century door features three glass panels, you can customize these as well. The benefit of customizing the glass panels is that you can increase the level of privacy. If privacy isn’t an issue, then clear glass can be chosen to maximize the light filtering from one room to the next when the door is closed. If you do want increased privacy, we recommend choosing a glass style like deep freeze, tint, or frosted. These styles provide a higher level of privacy and obscure how much is easily seen when looking through the panels.

5. Trend-Setting Statement

This new barn door is bound to create a one-of-a-kind trend-setting statement when installed in your home. Since it’s fully customizable, you can choose the type of sliding door hardware that matches wood doors. Bright, polished metals contrast well with barn door panels that retain their natural wood look. Darker barn door hardware with flat black or unfinished raw steel finishes blend in well with decorative sliding barn doors, and are used for numerous barn door types.

Beyond choosing the track style, the color or finish of your door can go a long way toward creating a statement as well. The mid century modern style is known for incorporating a pop of color into each room. While you may not choose a barn red door, a deep navy, a light pink; another solid color that matches your interior color scheme can easily create an eye-pleasing pop in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Custom colors can also be chosen if you have a specific idea in mind.

If you prefer the more natural wood look, you can opt for a texture that makes the door look as if it was crafted from reclaimed wood. Weathered and worn textures both look stunning for an interior barn door. A clear stain will allow the wood to shine through, while paint and a weathered or worn texture create a mid century modern sliding barn door that looks as if it came from the original mid century era.

No matter how you personalize your barn door style, you’re sure to enjoy your personalized sliding barn doors and matching door hardware for years to come.

6. Upgraded Interior Appeal

If you ever plan on selling your home, you’ll probably hear real estate agents give you pointers for boosting the “curb appeal” of your home. The curb appeal is how appealing your home is at first glance. In other words, does the outside of your home make prospective buyers go “wow” when they’re simply standing on the curb looking at it? If the answer is yes, then your home has curb appeal.

Another important aspect is how appealing the interior of your space is. Prospective buyers make a lot of assumptions during their initial walkthrough. Based on first impressions alone, they’re gauging how the house makes them feel, whether they can picture themselves living inside it, how much renovation work they’ll have to do, and whether it makes them feel at home. That’s a lot of pressure on the inside of your home!

While it’s important to make sure the walls have a fresh coat of paint, many buyers look for added-value items, such as an upgraded kitchen sink, a new pantry, or a modern sliding door. Yes, you read that right. Sliding doors, such as the mid century modern door, are a sought-after feature in today’s real estate market. It’s a widely popular design concept that can fit in with multiple interior design schemes, and installing one always adds more appeal and value to the interior of your home.

Whether you moved into and renovated an old house, contracted for a new build, or built onto an existing unit, adding sliding barn doors to the interior of your home will give your house an automatic facelift.

A Stylish, Modern Solution for the Interior of Your Home

If your home boasts a modern mid century interior design and you’re looking for a sliding barn door, look no further than our Midcentury 3 Panel Barn Door. This stylish sliding door will fit in perfectly with your midcentury modern aesthetics, and provide you with space-saving functionality. And, since it’s fully customizable, you can tailor the size and style to create the exact look you want. Once you install this trend-setting statement, you’re sure to add increased appeal to the interior of your home, benefiting you now and later, should you ever decide to sell.

If you have questions about our midcentury modern doo or want some assistance with door customization, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At, we’re available to help you purchase the right door, choose the perfect customizations, and provide guidance for the entire process from start to finish.
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