Know Barn Doors? Think Again! Find Out Why They’re All the Rave Today

Know Barn Doors? Think Again! Find Out Why They’re All the Rave Today


Barn doors are everywhere – you can seen them in home décor magazines, decorating

shows and even on Instagram. They’re all the rave, no doubt, and for good reason. Sliding

barn doors are creeping their way into homes all across America and the world. The versatility

of barn doors make them ideal for all types of décor and floor plans. The simple

implementation of rustic barn door hardware also make them desirable additions to homes.

These can be easily installed using a barn door hardware kit and a few practical tools. If

you’re wondering why all the rave about barn doors and why you should probably jump on the

bandwagon, read on!

Barn Doors Are Unique

As you browse around the photos and see the sliding barn doors that people are installing,

you’ll rarely see two that look exactly the same! Those who are looking for a unique way to

decorate their homes and office will find barn doors, as well as the rustic barn door hardware,

to be unparalleled.

They Reduce Noise Levels

Because of the peculiar design and amount of insulation these doors have, noise levels are

reduced for the rooms they are applied to. After installation, you’ll notice that the gap between

the door and wall is minimal, allowing noise levels to be reduced further. So if you have a

bedroom or study that is in a high-traffic area, this implementation would be ideal for keeping

outside noise out. This can also be useful for a bathroom design, especially if you enjoy

taking relaxing warm baths.

They’re Cost-Effective

Whenever you see a trend become prominent, it’s likely because of the low cost involved. Of

course, what really sets barn doors apart is their quality. For the price tag they wear, it’s hard

not to want to invest in them. To make them even more affordable, you can purchase a DIY

barn door hardware kit and install it and its rustic barn door hardware on your own. This can

be a fun project to partake in by yourself or with family members.

Versatility and Customization

When you can’t find the exact barn door you want, you can have it customized to your liking.

Finding a door that is befitting for your home’s décor isn’t always possible. You can have your

door custom-designed with certain features, colors and materials. Then the versatility of said

doors are tremendous, allowing them to be placed anywhere in your home or even in the

office. We’re seeing these doors being used in commercial constructions and some industrial

buildings as well.

The In-Your-Face Style

Unlike with traditional doors, barn doors and their rustic hardware really stand out. The

hardware is on the outside of the door frame, making them quite noticeable, but in a good

way. They have a grand presence in any room they’re installed in, which is why you’ll find

them in living areas, bedrooms and even as front and back doors. You can find them in many

different shapes, colors and styles, so the options are pretty much endless.

If you decide that barn doors are right for your home or office, keep in mind that you’ll need

sufficient empty space to install them. The doorway needs to be wide enough to

accommodate the sliding motion of the barn doors. You may want to have the doorway

reframed or use drywall edges. This will give it the appearance that the barn door was

designed specifically for the doorway rather than being forcibly implemented.

Ready to join in the trend?

Get started browsing around for the perfect barn doors and


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