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Inspiring Ways to Use Sliding Barn Doors

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Creating a room design that resonates with your own personal style is the desire of every homeowner. Finding new and unique ways to do so isn’t always easy. With a bit of inspiration, new ideas can be brought forth. A lot of homeowners are finding different ways to put barn doors to use. They’re affordable to buy and easy to install using sliding barn door hardware and a barn door track. If you would like to implement barn doors in your home, maybe you’ll find a bit of inspiration from the following.

A Unique Headboard

Sliding barn door hardware can be applied just about anywhere, including on the wall behind your bed. This means you could easily hang a barn door there as a headboard. This is a trend that is becoming quite popular. If you don’t have a window blocking the area, this would make a great accent.

Cut Barn Doors In Half for a Baby/Pet Gate

Barn doors can be installed as a patio or back door that’s designed for littler people and pets. If you’re a DIYer type, you can cut the barn doors horizontally down the middle. This will allow pets and children to walk out through the bottom half. Another option would be to purchase dutch barn doors, which are already designed this way. This would make a great addition for a patio that overlooks a pool, playground or backyard.

Barn Doors as Shutters

You can find many gorgeous barn door designs, some that you may think are worthy of being seen by the entire neighborhood. In this case, you can customize them to be used as window shutters. This would add a very nice twist to your home’s exterior design.

Garage Doors

If you like the carriage style garage door, you can implement barn doors into the design. Combine this with the barn door shutters and you could have yourself a nice theme going.

An Eccentric Kitchen Table

This is one of the unusual, yet interesting ways barn doors are being used. Remove the regular tabletop and replace it with barn doors and you’ll have a table that’s worth talking about.

With these varying ideas, you should be able to conjure up a way to implement a barn door into your own home. Once you do, purchase sliding barn door hardware and get to work!
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