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How to Keep Your Barn Door Properly Aligned

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
After purchasing your barn door and having the barn door hardware installed, it’s important to keep it in good working order. Not doing so could lead to your sliding door hardware malfunctioning and causing harm or damage to your walls. The track and trolleys of the barn door are designed to operate doors that are within a certain weight capacity. There is also another important piece that enables your doors to move properly and that’s the bottom guide.
What is the Purpose of the Bottom Guide?
The bottom guide is barn door hardware that plays a critical role. It keeps barn doors from swinging out of place and causing damage to baseboards and walls. It’s sole purpose it to keep sliding barn doors moving in a straight line. These can be found on both wooden and glass barn doors.
Proper Installation of Bottom Guides
It’s very important that special attention is given during the installation of your sliding door hardware, especially when it comes time to input the bottom guide. Depending on the type of barn door you purchase, it may come with a pin or small c-channel. The guides are designed to be installed into your floor.
For door panels that are made of wood and similar materials, there are two ways to prep the bottom of the door for the guide. The primary way of doing so is to route a channel at the bottom of the door’s panel that the guide will use to travel. If routing isn’t an option for your panel type, there are full-length guide channels that you can affix to the bottom instead. The guide is barely visible once it’s installed, acting as the door’s anonymous helper. It is covered by the panels of the door, no matter where the panel is located on the track.
For door panels made of glass and similar materials, the c-channels are used. This is mounted directly to the floor – no need for any other parts or prepping for the panel. Unlike with the pins, c-channel guides are always visible.
If you ever notice that your door isn’t opening and closing properly, it could be because of the barn door hardware being improperly installed. Check the track and the guide to determine the cause.
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