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How to Hang a Sliding Door Using Barn Door Hardware

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Windows, furniture, paintings — there are many different ways to customize the look and

feel of a room. This is why a lot of people are turning to barn door installations, which

can be tailored with beautiful rustic or vintage sliding door hardware. If you’ve decided to

go the same route, you can find a great selection of sliding doors to choose from at And if you’re planning to hang the sliding door yourself, you’ll

need a barn door hardware kit to complete the task.

Tools You Will Need

Aside from the interior barn door hardware, other items you’ll need include a tape

measure, stud finder, 2 x 6 pine board (length varies), 2 1/2 inch wood screws and a door


Finding the Ideal Door Size

As a rule of thumb, the width should be about two inches wider than the actual opening,

or at minimum, the same width as the opening. The height of the door can be determined

by measuring the finished floor to the top of the opening or casing.

Steps for Hanging the Track

Now, it’s time to hang the track. Here’s what you’ll need to do with your sliding door


? Find out if a hanger board or ledger is needed on the wall in order to mount the

track. This needs to be twice the width of the door.

? Mount the board about two inches from the opening over the opening or door

casing. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if there are additional

requirements. Use wall studs to secure the hanger board.

? Apply paint and a clear finish or stain so that it matches the color of your door.

? Buy a track that’s the same length of the hanger board.

? Install a hanger bracket that attaches to two rails. Another option is to use two

hanger brackets. If you have a single door, you’ll need three brackets. For a

double door, you’ll need five. Slide the brackets into the track, aligning it with the

bottom of the hanger board. Fasten them using the sliding door hardware.

? Make sure the hanger hardware is properly aligned with the opening of the door.

There should be an inch of clearance from the finished flooring to the bottom of

the door.

? Mount the roller hardware to the sliding door. These need to be placed on or into

the track. Don’t forget to install the roller stops.

? Attach the handles to your sliding door. On the back side, drill a recessed cup pull

to allow clearance for the door to slide open.

Before you begin this project, make sure you have a quality barn door hardware kit to

work with.
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