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4 Glass Barn Doors to Create a Light and Airy Entry

Wednesday March 9th, 2022
Glass barn doors create a wonderful entryway from one room to another, for an all-seasons room or even a transition space from the backyard, porch, or patio into the home. These options provide the security of a door while allowing plenty of natural light to filter into the interior of a home, something many standard doors block out. We love doors like:

Top 4 Glass Barn Doors

  1. Single Panel Glass Barn Door
  2. Minimalist Barn Door
  3. Traditional Glass Barn Door
  4. French Panel Barn Door
With these doors, you can create a one-of-a-kind entryway for your home that emphasizes light, flow, and creates the feeling of more space for smaller areas. The best part is that there is glass barn door hardware to match any glass door you choose to install, meaning you can create a completely custom look and feel for your home.

4 Glass Barn Doors to Create a Light and Airy Entry

1. Single Panel Glass Barn Door

The Single Panel Glass Barn Door is sleek and modern, yet can complement a wide variety of decor styles and home layouts. When it comes to choosing a barn door with glass, this option is a favorite of many, purely for the sheer amount of glass and minimal metal casing.

The metal finish on this glass sliding barn door can be customized to reflect the style, look, and feel you’re trying to achieve. Go with white in a room where you want to emphasize the glass and allow the door to blend in with light-colored or white walls. Or choose a red metal finish to create a pop of color for spaces like an all-season room or a kitchen. For a more classic look for your barn door, go with black, raw steel, or a bronze finish. Black creates a darker contrast, while raw steel and bronze can lend a more farmhouse or vintage feel to the door.

Another way you can customize this sliding glass barn door  is by choosing the glass type to fit your needs. The style of glass on your sliding barn doors can make all the difference when you’re looking to add a pop of interest, create a sense of elegance, or maintain a bit of privacy by blurring the view.

Frosted glass, for example, allows light through while minimizing the line of sight through the door. This option is perfect for separating a master bathroom from the bedroom suite.
If you’d like to shield furniture and artwork from the midday sun, choose to tint your glass panel instead of installing clear glass. Other options, such as a deep freeze or vintage finish, provide a unique look and style that can add to the overall look and feel of your room.

All barn doors can be personalized according to your height and width requirements as well. Whether you want a single sliding barn door or double barn doors, you can customize them to ensure they fit the opening perfectly with the ideal amount of overhang and no gaps at the bottom.

2. Minimalist Barn Door

The Minimalist Barn Door has a simple, straightforward style that can work in any area of your home. This glass barn door pairs well with any of our barn door hardware options, and can be customized to reflect your personal style and preferences.

These interior barn doors come with three glass inserts and a metal casing that visually separates each of the inserts. A handle is placed to one side to facilitate ease of opening and closing. You can also add other features, such as a floor guide, to keep the door in perfect alignment when in use at all times.

The visual appeal of this door instantly creates a more modern look and feel when installed. If you prefer a more rustic effect for your glass barn doors, you can customize the metal and glass finish to create a vintage feel. Metal finishes, such as bronze, will blend in with rustic decor, while traditional black makes the door pop. A white finish pairs excellently with rooms that are lighter in tone and colors, such as a patio door, a four-season entryway, or an interior door for a nursery, office, or study.

3. Traditional Glass Barn Door

The Traditional Glass Barn Door combines the beauty of tempered glass with the modern barn door look and feel of a metal casing and a metal kick plate. Since this is a sliding barn door, the kick plate is simply for style as opposed to function (like that of a traditional swinging door).

The metal grid contains three tempered glass panels, and the entire glass door can be fully customized to reflect your needs and style. Handles can be placed on either side or both sides of the sliding door for ease of access, and a guide can be added to the bottom for increased stability when the door is in use.

Depending on the hardware kit you choose, you can create a distinctively modern look or match the shabby chic feel that you’ve already got going in your home. When it comes to barn door style, our barn doors can be fully personalized. This is true of any interior door, exterior door, wood door, or glass door you purchase. Customization also extends to our hardware kits, so you can match the metal finish to the metal casing and surround for both your sliding door track and the framing on the door itself.

4. French Panel Barn Door

From closet barn doors to the traditional glass patio door, French doors have quickly gained popularity. This is because they not only create a unique look and distinct style, but they also provide see-through capability for any door opening they cover.

The French Panel Barn Door has eight tempered glass panes held in place with metal framing that creates a contemporary flair for any home. This can be made into a custom barn door, similar to any interior barn door you purchase through

Choose the perfect finish for the glass panel and metal casing. Boost your privacy level with a frosted finish, create a sense of vintage inspiration with the vintage or deep freeze finish, or go retro with glass finishes such as citrus, palm, and tint.

The metal finish can perfectly reflect any style. Choose a white finish for a door that promotes a sense of breezy, light, and airy decor. Or go with black, raw steel, or bronze for a door that adds a bit of pop. Choose something bright and fun, such as red, for a door that stands out and makes a statement. Complete the look by matching the hardware kit finish to the door handle and metal casing.

Don’t Forget the Glass Barn Door Hardware!

When ordering a sliding glass barn door, it’s important to include barn door hardware so you’re ready to install the door upon arrival. At, all of our hardware kits can be used for your sliding glass barn door. This is great news for those who want to mix, match, and personalize their door and hardware options!

While some manufacturers limit your choices, we try to make customization options as plentiful as possible. So, whether you choose our flat track hardware, rustic barn door hardware, or modern barn door hardware, you’ll be able to tailor the finish and designs to perfectly reflect your style, taste, and needs for functionality.

Choosing the right barn door hardware kit requires several key pieces of information, such as the size of your door and door frame, the style of your home, and the overall color scheme or decor theme. You’ll also need to determine which type of door you need, such as a double barn door, laundry room door, closet door, or shower door. Each of these doors has slightly different hardware setups and will require a different kit.

For a minimal style, you might choose to install the buck style hardware, which exposes the wheel without the classic metal piece that comes down the front. This creates a sleek style that pairs exceptionally well with a glass sliding door. If you have a more modern-styled home, combine the buck style or axel top mount with a stainless steel or raw steel finish to create an exceptionally modern look and feel. Many sliding shower doors use this same type of top mount hardware kit as well.

Do you have a low-clearance doorway? Not a problem with the top mount low clearance hardware kit. Similar to other kits, the finish can be customized to perfectly fit in with your unique style and look. Choose from flat black, forged black, or grey steel for a classic track look. Introduce a bit of glam with a mountain gold, champagne, or modern gold finish. Incorporate specific room colors by opting for a cool glacier aqua, bright huntsman orange, or faded barn red.

From rustic and vintage to modern or glam, no matter what style you want to incorporate, we can help you achieve it when you purchase your barn door hardware kit from

Glass Barn Doors: The Best of Both Worlds

Glass barn doors provide you with the benefit of a traditional enclosure while enabling as much light as possible to stream into the interior of your home. Depending on the direction your home faces, you could find the interior lit up from morning through evening, enabling you to cut down on electric use and keeping your room warm, cheery, and bright all year long.

The traditional French door was first used in France before electricity, when homes were lit by candles and oil lamps. By installing a sliding glass door, you accomplish the same French look of yesteryear.
At, there are four main sliding glass doors to choose from, including the single panel glass door, the minimalist barn door, the traditional glass barn door, and the French panel barn door. Any of these doors can be fully customized to fit the exact height and width of your doorway opening, as well as the interior design style of your home.

Don’t put off the light and airy feel of a glass barn door any longer. Create your custom, one-of-a-kind glass door today! We look forward to helping you choose the perfect sliding glass barn door for your home.
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