Elephant Doors: They’re Not Just for Elephants

Elephant Doors: They’re Not Just for Elephants

Elephant doors, aptly named because of their sheer size, are a specialty product that many people just aren’t that familiar with. Think of these as a sliding barn door style door, but on a much larger scale. Many movie studios in the Hollywood area install these doors on sets and stages throughout the campus in order to provide easy access to set changes, new props and set pieces, and more.

Specialty doors like the elephant door are unique, and come with a unique set of installation requirements and uses. There are so many different ways that these doors can be incorporated into a commercial space, and they are definitely popular in the Los Angeles area because of the many film sets and studios in the region.

At Specialty Doors, we focus on providing the highest quality doors and hardware to people all over the world for residential and commercial use. Our commercial department caters to a lot of movie and sound studios with our elephant doors and accordion doors, which are another great flexible sliding door option. Accordion doors can be scaled to any size necessary, and instead of sliding open like the elephant door, they fold open in an accordion style (hence the name).

Both of these doors make great partitions for big spaces, and can be fitted to any building or door frame necessary. Plus, you can customize every detail of your elephant door or accordion doors, down to the very last piece of hardware. Anyone can make a door, but at Specialty Doors we strive to make the best door solutions for people who need something different.

Elephant doors can be used in residential design, but the usual job requires something smaller and less exorbitant. No matter where or how they are used, these unique custom doors are designed to order for each client, providing a door that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, the professional installation ensures that your doors provide you with the years of use and security that you deserve, whether you are on the set or just enjoying your new doors at home.

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