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How to Install Double Barn Door Hardware

Tuesday September 21st, 2021
Double barn doors bring rustic charm into any interior space. Hanging these doors requires a double barn door hardware kit that's designed to let the doors slide apart and come together seamlessly. Before choosing the double barn door set and hardware kit you love, consider how these doors need to be installed in preparation for your new style upgrade.

How to Install Double Barn Door Hardware

  1. Measure Your Space
  2. Choose the Right Double Barn Doors
  3. Select Your Ideal Double Barn Door Hardware
  4. Gather Necessary Tools
  5. Assemble the Doors
  6. Mark the Studs
  7. Add a Header Board, If Necessary
  8. Measure and Mark the Track Holes
  9. Install the Track and Brackets
  10. Install Stoppers and Rollers
  11. Attach Door Hardware
  12. Place Doors on Track
  13. Test Doors in Each Direction
Double barn door hardware differs from regular barn door hardware; mostly in size and weight allowance. Unlike a single barn door that has nothing interfering with its movement, a double barn door set features two doors that come together to close off a space. Therefore, double barn door hardware must allow ample space for each sliding door to move apart for a full door opening.

With many styles of barn double door hardware to choose from, it's easy to find the right set to match your interior design, from a traditional rustic barn door to more modern looks. Knowing how to measure and install your double barn doors and hardware kit can help ensure you get the right track and door set to flawlessly fit your space.

Double Barn Door Hardware vs Double Bypass Barn Door Hardware

You'll commonly find two types of double door sliding barn door hardware kits on the market. The first is double barn door hardware that allows the two doors to slide open and shut against one another. The other is a double bypass barn door hardware kit with a track that will enable one door to slide over the other, rather than against it.

Double barn door hardware tends to take up more space than double bypass barn door hardware. These double doors come together to close a space. To open them, you'll slide them all the way to each side. This means that you'll need enough space on each side of the door opening to accommodate each sliding door and allow the space to open all the way.

Several types of hardware kits for double barn doors exist, like rolling hardware tracks and box track hardware. You can play around with styles to get your ideal finished look.

Unfortunately, many homes don't have the space for a double door set without taking space away from furniture, wall art, and other necessities in a room.

Double bypass barn door kits, on the other hand, allow the doors to overlap one another with one track in front of the other one, similar to how double curtain rods work. This type of hardware works best in spaces where there isn't enough room for both doors to extend outward from the opening. Instead, one will slide in front of the other to open the space.

Homeowners traditionally use this type of interior door hardware kit for tighter spaces, like a closet door or pantry door. They can also work well to close off a staircase, separate a den and living area, or as doors leading to a walk-in closet or master bathroom.

How to Install Double Barn Door Hardware

Knowing how to install double barn door hardware before you get going can ensure that you measure properly, choose the right hardware kit, pick door set that fits your space, and prepare you for installation. Although each barn door set and track system you order from includes detailed installation instructions, you can follow along with the steps below to become familiar with the process.

1. Measure Your Space

This step is potentially the most important, as it will give you an idea of how much space you have to accommodate your double barn door hardware kit and door set. Start by measuring the opening of your door. You'll want to measure the opening's width and height to determine the door size that can fit. Also, measure the space above the door, as this is where you'll install the track. Track sizes vary, but many of them will need at least five or six inches of clearance above the door.

Next, you'll measure for the track length. Double barn door hardware kits typically have long tracks to fit both doors. Remember that the tracks will extend a good distance past each end of the door opening, usually by a couple of feet, to allow enough space for the doors to open fully. You'll want your track to sit centered on the door opening, so take this into account if the wall space on one side of your door frame is shorter than the space on the other side.
Alternatively, start with a track you like. Look up its measurements and then measure the space you have for a track to determine whether it fits.

2. Choose the Right Double Barn Doors

Now, it's time to choose the right double barn doors to fit your door opening. Double barn doors come in a wide range of styles, like French door, vintage door, and rustic door styles. You can also choose from different wood types and door thickness options to complete the look and feel.

Most importantly, you'll want to make sure that your set of double doors fits the door opening space you just measured. You should have enough room on either side of the door opening for each door to slide completely over to one side of the track, allowing a full opening. offers an excellent selection of sliding barn doors that are perfect for each interior and exterior door in your home. Browse each style to see the height, width, finish, and texture options for each door.

3. Select Your Ideal Double Barn Door Hardware

After deciding which barn door you want, you need to find a double barn door hardware kit that can secure the door to its track and fit the space you measured. When you shop for your double door set up, you'll see options for matching double barn door hardware kits that work well with that door.

From there, you can select the track length, track system, and finish for the kit. Each of our barn door hardware kits includes several finishes and materials, like galvanized steel, copper, and bonded chrome, to create your ideal finished look.

Check the measurements of the track system to ensure that you have enough wall space on either side of the door to center the track, and enough space above the door for the sliding system. Many double barn door hardware kit options need between five and eight inches of clearance above the door.

4. Gather Necessary Tools

You have the barn doors and double barn door hardware in hand, so now you're finally ready to install them. First, gather everything you'll need for the job. While some hardware kits and barn doors require unique tools to add the door lock or install the track, most kits and doors require basic tools you probably already have at home, including:
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Drill
  • Wrench and socket set
  • Tape measure
  • Impact screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Step ladder
  • All hardware and tools that your kit includes
Possibly the most important step here is to grab a partner to help you! Measuring and installing with an extra set of hands is almost always easier than trying to do it alone, especially when it comes to installing hefty double barn doors. If nothing else, your partner can spot you on the ladder for extra safety.

5. Assemble the Doors

Next, you'll assemble the doors. Do this according to the instructions that come with your door, which includes with every order. Because many of our doors are custom made to fit your specific dimensions, they'll arrive mostly assembled. You’ll just need to add your door hardware, door closers, and any other finishing accessories before hanging your doors.

If you order your doors from other retailers, they may require more in-depth assembly. Check with the manufacturer if more detailed instructions are necessary to put the doors together properly, as even slight problems with measuring and placement can lead to potentially significant problems when you go to install your doors.

6. Mark the Studs

Now, you'll need to mark the studs behind the wall so that you can see where you need to add your screws for your double door barn door hardware kit. A sliding barn door track comes with pre-drilled holes to make it easier to get the job done without the need to drill into the metal yourself. These holes should ideally line up with your wall studs to ensure enough strength to hold the heavy double doors.

Use your step ladder, if needed, to comfortably reach above the door opening, as this is where you'll install the track. Using a stud finder, locate and mark the studs with a simple pencil line. Mark this area a few inches up from the top of the door opening where the track will be placed. Be sure to check the double barn door hardware kit installation instructions to determine how far above the door opening you should place the track. This will also depend on the height of your wood door set.

7. Add a Header Board, If Necessary

A header board, also referred to as a backer board, is sometimes necessary to install before placing a track on the wall. This is usually the case if your studs don't line up with the predrilled holes in the track of your door hardware kit. The header board is a strong, solid wood block that you can drill into the studs. It acts as a secure place to screw the track in to hold your doors up when the studs won't do the trick.

You can make your own header board if the door doesn't already include one. In most cases, a one-inch by four-inch board will do the trick. Cut it to the size you'll need for the track, leaving an inch or two extra on each side. Then, finish it off however you'd like to complete the look.

Find the center of the door opening and mark it. Now, find the center of the header board and mark. Measure the distance between the center of the door opening and the distance to the stud, left to right. Measure those on your header board and mark them. Do the same with any remaining studs you'll need to attach your header board to. These spots are where you'll drill holes for the screws to attach the board to the wall.

8. Measure and Mark the Track Holes

Whether you're using a header board to attach your track to the wall or not, you'll need to measure, mark, and drill holes for the track. You can use the predrilled holes on the track to determine where on the wall or header board to drill holes into.

Start by finding the center of the door opening or header board and mark it. Find the center of the barn door track and line it up with that mark using a level. Have your helper hold the track in place while you mark the holes with a pencil on the wall or header board. These marks indicate where to pre-drill holes for the track's screws.

9. Install the Track and Brackets

If you're using a double bypass barn door hardware system, you may also need to install brackets. These brackets overhang the front of the track to hold the bypass track in place. Follow your double sliding barn door hardware kit instructions to determine the best way to install these, as they have several variations for installation.

Using your predrilled track holes, attach the track to the wall or header board with your kit's included screws. Your partner can keep one end of the track in place while you affix the other end to the wall. After installing, use your level to ensure proper placement before hanging the doors.

10. Install Stoppers and Rollers

Stoppers attach to the end of the track to keep the doors from rolling all the way to the end. Usually, they're placed an inch or so from the end of the track, but your instructions will tell you the best placement. Stoppers typically slide right onto the track without any extra hardware necessary.

Depending on the type of rollers that came with your kit, roller installation can be a little more complicated. Follow the instructions included with the kit, which will give you the proper measurements and correct installation technique to ensure smooth operation.

11. Attach Door Hardware

It's easiest to add your barn door hardware to the doors before attaching the doors to the track. Locate your barn door handles and any other accessories that came with the door, like bottom rollers or stoppers. Follow the instructions included with your door kit to attach them to their spots.

Your kit may not include handles, depending on its style. At, we have several handles to choose from to fit your overall look. You can also choose to add a front or back handle to your order.

12. Place Doors on Track

With the help of your partner, lift one door carefully and place it on the track. In most cases, you'll need to lift the door up higher than the track before moving it back and then down to align the rollers with the track. Do the same for the other door.

Once both doors are in place, it's a good idea to make sure everything sits level. Use your level to test the doors in multiple spots along the track.

13. Test Doors in Each Direction

Now, test each sliding door to make sure there aren't any hiccups in the installation. Have your partner slide the doors while you look at them from a few feet back. Does everything slide smoothly? Do the doors look centered in the door opening?

Also, watch for any door hang-ups along the track, such as sudden stopping or bumpy movements. This indicates an issue with the rollers or the track assembly that may need to be corrected. If you're using a double bypass barn door hardware kit, you might encounter problems with door handles or other parts of the doors running into each other as they bypass one another.

Test the doors several times, moving them as you would during everyday use. This is the best way to spot any issues that you'll need to take care of quickly.

Where to Buy Double Barn Door Hardware

Not sure where to buy your barn doors and double barn door hardware? has you covered. Our site makes it simple to find the doors you want—from rustic sliding barn doors to a more modern glass barn door. Shop for an entry door, patio door, bedroom door, or any other door for your home on our website.

The buying process couldn't be simpler, so there's no need to feel overwhelmed if you're new to the barn door buying process. When you pick a door you like, gives you all the options to consider on the purchasing page. Choose your door's measurements, finish, and texture out of all available options. You can also decide whether to have your door come preassembled or unassembled.

Most doors include several options for finish and texture, allowing you to pick a rustic weathered look to a cleaner modern look, depending on your style and taste. We offer several door styles to choose from, including some with glass panels, so you can find a door that works for your space.

As for barn door hardware, we offer flat track, modern, and box track hardware kits. Whether you have a single door to hang or want to add double sliding doors throughout your home, we have the kits to do so. Choose from single tracks and double sliding barn door hardware kit options in various styles and finishes, including oil rubbed bronze and brushed stainless steel.

When you shop with, you’ll get top-notch customer service tailored to your needs. Call us with questions about your door, and we'll help you get the right size and finish based on your design goals. We can also create custom door sets and hardware kits if you don't see exactly what you want on our site.

Everything You Need to Know About Double Barn Door Hardware

Double barn door hardware kits make it possible for your home to add a double barn door set to separate large spaces, master bedrooms, and more. specializes in double barn door hardware sets that allow doors to slide apart and come together flush without bypassing each other. These are ideal for larger wall spaces.

We also have frameless hardware for a sliding glass door and modern hardware sets that fit seamlessly into an industrial, modern, or minimalistic home style. Or, choose from curved tracks, sliding shower hardware kits, and box track hardware for other functions and finished looks.

At, we're dedicated to helping you achieve the right look with your interior and exterior doors. Barn doors are so versatile, and we're proud of our diverse inventory that can help every homeowner and business owner achieve their ideal finished look. Give us a call, email us, or send us a chat message on our website to learn more about our products and how we can help you get the door and hardware you've been looking for.
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