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DIY Rustic Decor Ideas Pt 2

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
There’s nothing like designing your own décor. Rustic fixtures, furniture and decorations are simple to create yourself. If you are looking for simple rustic upgrades to make to your home, you’ll find these ideas to be inspirational.
Install Rustic Barn Door Hardware
Barn doors are an excellent choice for the home. They are alluring, functional and simple to install. You can purchase a barn door hardware kit to perform the installation yourself. Once you’ve done it, you can complement your rustic barn door hardware with any of the following DIY projects!
Tree Branch Chandelier
A crystal chandelier is nice, but what would really get your guests talking are hanging lights made out of a tree branch. If your dining room features rustic décor, this would be an exceptional addition. Hang lights around the branch and then plug it in. Hang it over your dining table and you have an attention-grabbing setup. You could also hang the fixture on your deck to enjoy during summer nights.
Tree Branch Privacy Screen
If you have an outdoor space that needs a bit of privacy, collect a few strips of thin wood and branches. Assemble the thin wood into a frame, then nail the branches into place vertically. Then hang it wherever you need desire seclusion.
Birch Log Coffee Table
This is as simple as stacking logs together and binding them using rope or twine. Make sure that the top of the logs are sanded evenly to offer a smooth tabletop for your morning coffee. You can design your coffee table to be as large or small as you desire. You could also paint it or add a finish to give it a more polished appearance.
Wooden Photo Ladder
All you need are branches to design a gorgeous rustic photo ladder. Just nail together two long branches to a few shorter ones and you have yourself a charming place to hang your family’s memories. Consider using black and white pictures to add a timeless feel.
Refurbish an Old Cabinet
If you have a dresser or cabinet that you’re thinking of tossing out, consider refurbishing it using rustic wooden planks. You can use them to replace your drawers. This is an excellent alternative to trashing a lovely dresser that has broken or missing drawers.
As you can see, there are many unique ways to add rustic charm to your home. Rustic barn door hardware is just the beginning!
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