DIY Rustic Decor Ideas Pt 1


Rustic décor is the “It” factor right now. The awesome thing about rustic designs is that they can be easily implemented into any type of home you live in. So whether you’re living in the city or out in the country, the rustic look can work for you. If you recently installed a barn door with rustic barn door hardware, you are on your way to be in vogue. There are a ton of different DIY ideas that can be used to create a rustic design. Here are some of the ways you can complement your rustic barn door hardware.

The Rustic Headboard

This is one of the top favorites among the barn door crowd. You simply take a new or used barn door and create a headboard for your master or guest bedroom. You can keep the barn door hardware intact, especially if it has a rustic appeal. You can also use old barn wood and pallet boards to enhance your rustic design.

Wrap Your Cabinet Handles with Twine

It doesn’t get any more affordable than this. You can add a unique touch to your cabinets by wrapping twine around the handles. It’s very easy to do and it will give you the rustic look you desire. All you need is twine, paint and glue.

Hang Sliding Barn Doors

Barn doors already have rustic appeal. Install them into your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen or anywhere else you need space-saving functionality. You can even use them for the entry to your patio. Don’t forget to include the rustic barn door hardware to really add emphasis to your rustic design. You can purchase a DIY barn door kit to install the doors yourself.

Use Old Pallets for Shelves

This is another cheap way to enhance the rustic appeal of your home. It only takes a few hours and supplies to complete this project. You can stain them before hanging them on your wall. This will make it easier to implement them into your already-existing décor.

Create a Bench with Wood Pallets

Have any extra wood pallets lying around your backyard? Don’t let them go to waste – use them to build a cute bench for your mud room, deck or other area of the home. You can stain it any color you wish after you finish building and sanding it.

Use Old Wooden Picture Frames

Forget the shiny photo frames we are accustomed to seeing in today’s homes You can easily create the rustic look by placing your portraits inside of old wooden frames. Black and white photos would really bring out the rustic feel of this design. Some people decorate them with small satin ribbons.

Build a Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

Like to collect wine or thinking about it? Then you’ll need a gorgeous, home-made wine rack to place them in. You can build all sorts of rustic pieces of furniture using old wood pallets. This time, you’ll be using them for wine rack. This shelf can be placed in your kitchen, dining room or wherever else you enjoy having a glass of wine. You’ll need to build a shelf for holding the wine bottles, then create a hanging section at the bottom just for your wine glasses.

Add Twine to Your Picture Frames

Twine is another handy tool for designing rustic decorations. Again, we are using it, but this time for your picture frames. You simply glue on the rope. Wrap it around the frame until it is completely covered. A hot glue gun would make this job quicker.

Who doesn’t enjoy rustic décor? These ideas are perfect if you’re looking for creative ways to enhance your home’s design.

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