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Best Barn Door Hardware Kits for Industrial Styles

Thursday December 2nd, 2021
Have you decided on an industrial theme for your home or office space? An industrial design opens the doors to lots of intriguing elements, including clean lines to metal accents. And, with an industrial sliding door for each opening (complete with a barn door hardware industrial kit) your space can easily transform into a modern, factory-inspired area.

10 Barn Door Hardware Kits for Industrial Styles

  1. Stag Flat Black Hardware
  2. Buck Barn Door Hardware
  3. Classic Barn Door Hardware
  4. Reflex Barn Door Hardware
  5. Garrick Barn Door Hardware
  6. Top Mount Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware
  7. Starliner Stainless Steel Hardware Kit
  8. Modern Rectangular Top Mount
  9. Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware
  10. 430 Smooth Stainless Steel Hardware Kit
Industrial interior design draws inspiration from manufacturing warehouses and factories. These spaces incorporate different materials, like wood, metal, and brick. And while they traditionally fit right into bustling metropolitan areas, industrial spaces can work for just about any interior.

Adding an industrial door to each room can tie all the loose ends together. An industrial barn door is a popular, modern choice for separating living spaces and closing off bedrooms in industrial homes. You can even find sliding door hardware with sleek or shiny finishes to boost the overall industrial appeal while getting the convenience and functionality you'd expect from a sliding barn door.

Top 10 Barn Door Hardware Kits for Industrial Styles

While most known for its rustic farmhouse vibe, a sliding barn door can match almost any interior design, including industrial. More modern barn doors are available in various finishes, textures, and materials, and they have sliding door hardware kits to match. The following barn door hardware industrial kits are some of the best for industrial doors and designs.

1. Stag Flat Black Hardware

The Stag Flat Black Hardware kit features an industrial-focused track and barn door rollers that fit a warehouse vibe perfectly. This best-selling kit is popular for its streamlined, simplistic style and adds a bit of modern design to its sleek look. A smooth, rounded hanger loops over the small wheel rollers, accommodating barn doors up to 400 pounds.

Choose between various track lengths and additional hangers to complete your door project. You can also opt for a soft-close feature designed to work with doors over 80 pounds. can also add a handle with a complementary black finish.

2. Buck Barn Door Hardware

The Buck Barn Door Hardware kits come in various styles, but all of them fit an industrial barn door and decor scheme perfectly, whether your home has black, bronze, or stainless steel accents.

The Buck Flat Black kit is a popular choice to match several interior designs seamlessly. Homeowners looking for a more unique, stand-out finish can opt for the Buck Clear Coat Raw Steel or Buck Oil Rubbed Bronze interior door kits. These sliding door hardware kits can include pre-drilled track holes, a soft-close mechanism, and a matching door handle. They also hold heavy duty doors up to 400 pounds.

3. Classic Barn Door Hardware

The Classic Barn Door Hardware kit is truly timeless. While it can work with almost any interior design, its multiple metal-focused finishes blend well with an industrial sliding door and theme. Choose between flat black, unfinished raw steel, clear coat raw steel, grey steel, industrial bronze, and oil rubbed bronze for its finish.

Whether you use steel doors, glass doors, or wood doors in your home, there's a Classic Barn Door Hardware kit to match. Add an adjustable stop to help the door fit your door opening.

4. Reflex Barn Door Hardware

The Reflex Barn Door Hardware kit is one of the most customizable options for an industrial door. Our industrial interior homeowners love the brushed steel, brushed stainless steel, and antique pewter finishes. But if you're looking for something a bit different that still fits the industrial theme, consider our mountain gold, dairy, forged, or shop black finishes.

In addition to finishes for your sliding door kit, you can also select a wheel design, like Gear Slyder or Sprocket Slyder, to boost the mechanical appearance of your door. The exposed wheel roller is sure to create an interesting talking point in your space.

5. Garrick Barn Door Hardware

Garrick Barn Door Hardware blends rustic charm with modern, industrial style, making for an eye-catching sliding barn door hardware kit. Straight hangers loop over the minimalistic wheel, giving it just the right amount of attention. Select a wheel type that suits your preferences, like the Copper Anodized Barn Door Wheel or the Metal Covex Barn Door Wheel.

Like many of our other sliding barn door sets, this door hardware kit can fit standard, bypass, and bi-parting doors. Forged, shop black, and aged oil rubbed bronze are excellent finish options for industrial styles.

6. Top Mount Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware

Top mount industrial barn door hardware is a good fit for spaces with clean lines and minimalist elements. This type of hardware kit has no hangers that reach down the door. Instead, the hangers mount to the top of the door, making the door stand out on its own.

The Top Mount Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware kit works with modern, rustic, minimalist, and industrial barn sliding doors. The top mount system is especially helpful for a sliding glass door, as it doesn't require hangers to mount to the glass. Customize this kit as you would others by choosing a track length, wheel style, and a finish that complements your decor.

7. Starliner Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

The Starliner Stainless Steel Hardware Kit is popular for modern and industrial spaces, drawing inspiration from commercial and manufacturing warehouses. A spoked, stainless steel wheel stands out against any door, drawing the eye to the door system. This modern track is the perfect fit for Steampunk-inspired industrial spaces.

The Starliner Stainless Steel Hardware Kit is also available in polished stainless steel or black powder coated stainless steel for bi-parting or single sliding doors.

8. Modern Rectangular Top Mount

While the Modern Rectangular Top Mount hardware kit targets modern spaces, it certainly can fit an industrial interior design. This barn door kit features a track with clean, angular lines and minimalist track hardware. The small, flat nylon wheel combined with the top mount system keeps the focus on your industrial barn door and other decor.

Choose between flat black and oil rubbed bronze finishes. Both options look stunning against bright-colored doors. You can also choose to swap out the flat wheel for a spoked one for a slightly different look. No matter what you choose, you’ll get a smooth rolling system for your single or double door set.

9. Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware

The Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware kit is a prime choice for homes with a touch of industrial design. This barn door hardware kit fits the bill with its understated industrial design and multiple finish options that complement multiple decor styles. For instance, go bold with brushed brass or brushed copper, or stick with a more traditional finish, like raw steel or flat black, for more muted color palettes.

Every piece of track hardware in this kit comes powder coated for a long-lasting finish. This kit can hold doors or sets of double doors up to 400 pounds.

10. 430 Smooth Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

The 430 Smooth Stainless Steel Hardware Kit is a flat track kit with stainless steel hangers that loop over the wheel. Use this hardware kit for indoor or exterior doors, like a garage door or patio door. Marine-grade stainless steel will keep this kit working and looking its best for years to come.

Available for single, bi-parting, or bypass door systems, the 430 Smooth Stainless Steel Hardware Kit can also come in black or dark bronze finishes to match your design and rolling doors. Add a soft-close feature for an additional cost.

Top 4 Industrial Doors

The door you choose to fit your industrial space is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Whether you go full industrial with rolling steel doors or opt for a more rustic appeal, your barn door hardware choice can help complete the look.

To find the perfect door, consider these options from

1. French Panel Barn Door

The French Panel Barn Door doesn't look industrial from the start, but it can absolutely fit an industrial interior design, especially in smaller spaces that need natural light flowing through. Add it to a walk-in closet, or use it to separate an office space from a living area.

For industrial appeal, customize the door's metal finish. It comes in black, but mirror black, raw steel, and bronze are additional options. You can also swap out the glass panels for textured or mirrored glass to allow for more privacy or function.

2. Minimalist Barn Door

Similar to the French Panel Barn Door, the Minimalist Barn Door looks more modern or contemporary at first glance. However, choose the raw steel or bronze finish, and the door instantly becomes more industrial to match the warehouse vibe in the rest of your space.

Three large glass panels allow plenty of light to shine through, which is ideal for small loft apartments or spaces that need a more open, airy feel. This door is also an excellent match for industrial office spaces to use as a conference room door or cubicle separator.

3. Horizontal Panel Barn Door

Go more rustic with the Horizontal Panel Barn Door. This door features several wooden panels running horizontally without a frame. Because you can make the door as clean-cut or weathered as you'd like by customizing its texture and finish, it can fit seamlessly into an industrial space.

Don't forget to add barn door handles to your order to complete the project.

4. X Barn Door

The X Barn Door is a traditional farmhouse-style barn door with several customization options to help it match almost any design scheme. For an industrial vibe, opt for a texture like weathered, worn, or band saw. Then, select a finish that pulls it all together. Matte black, kendal, and jacobean are superb choices for industrial spaces.

Find Your Perfect Industrial Door and Hardware Kit

Industrial design opens the doors for several fun and unique decorating opportunities. Add library ladders, recyclable materials, and metal antique finds to accentuate your interior.

Choosing the right industrial door can wrap it all up in a tidy package. Shop to find the best industrial door or doors for your space, plus the industrial barn door hardware kits to match.

We offer various customization options for your door and hardware kit to match your decor and give you that stand-out focal point you crave. Many of our tracks hold heavy-duty doors and door sets with ease, allowing them to accommodate your needs for a closet door, entry door, or any other door in your home. Create your custom door today!
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