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Barn Door Hardware: From the Home to the Workplace

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Can you think of a more versatile piece of architecture than barn door hardware? I can’t. Barn door hardware is easily the most flexible of door hardware on the market. What other type of door is capable of blending in perfectly with an elegant high class design while at the same time fulfilling its rugged duty on a horse ranch? What other type of door so seamlessly transitions from the home into the workplace? There is simply no other door with as much utility as the sliding barn door.

Barn doors have been used in the workplace for centuries. They are an old standby for farmers, ranchers, and a wide variety of professionals who need door hardware that can stand up to rough use and the elements. Though the barn door has been commonplace in the working world for many, many years, only recently has barn door hardware been fully embraced by the most high end home designers in the world.

Some may be wondering how a barn door can be adapted to fit into a high class home. CEO of Specialty Doors, Tom Gross, has the answer. He offers a complete line of beautifully crafted sliding door hardware that is capable of becoming the stunning focal point of any home. Tom’s Barn Door Hardware site offers a variety of doors that come in many different colors and serve a variety of purposes. Maybe you are looking for rustic hardware to add the perfect touch to a country home? Or perhaps you are looking to make a more modern statement with stainless steel. Barn doors can fit into any design choice.

Of course we know that barn doors are used on barns and other farm buildings, but not everyone realizes how common barn doors are becoming in corporate office spaces. Barn door hardware is a space maximizer. Swinging doors are outdated. They are simply not conducive to efficiency in a space. Sliding doors on the other hand allow designers to achieve maximum efficiency within a floor plan. This is because sliding barn doors simply take up less space. They can also make a room feel much more open and inviting. Take for example glass sliding doors. These doors are perfect for a business space because they invite customers inside through their openness and clarity.

Since barn door hardware can be custom fitted to a space, it is perfect for large commercial areas that are in need of innovative solutions for creating division within the space. These doors are used by businesses to offer both openness and separation when appropriate. This allows for a more varied use of the space which benefits both employees and customers. Barn door hardware is a staple of architecture that is here to stay. As styles change with the times, designers will continue to find new ways to utilize the barn door in both the home and the workplace. That is why you can’t go wrong installing one of these doors. They are tested by time and they will always offer both style and function in any space.
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