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Back to Basics: AXEL Barn Door Hardware Revolutionizes the Classic Look

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Barn door hardware is a unique industry and there are dozens of different styles on the market

today that people can choose from to outfit their sliding doors. From modern and contemporary

styles to rustic tracks and everything in between, there is a brand for everyone. For those who

want the classic look with a twist, AXEL is the collection to choose. AXEL sliding door hardware

is designed for the refined palate, offering a chic industrial look with flat track hardware that is

made of durable, raw stainless steel and designed to provide quiet, safe operation in all sliding


A sliding barn door is a great installation in many commercial spaces, offering an alternative to

traditional doors. The AXEL family of sliding barn door hardware was designed for the original

flat track hardware that’s been used for sliding doors for more than a century, offering the

classic look with the innovative features and improved designs. Commercial installations are the

most common places where this hardware is found, but the fact of the matter is that it can be

used just about anywhere.

AXEL is ideal for many applications, but it is best for the uses where:

? Multiple door systems are required

? Doors need to be customized on site and shipped quickly

? A classic, modern look is desired

? Sturdy, more heavy-duty barn door hardware is required

This brand is focused on offering the classic flat track barn door hardware look at a fraction of

the cost. It offers innovative designs and modern features. AXEL is all steel, and it’s all ready to

go from the warehouse, which means you can drill and cut the track pieces on site if you don’t

have the measurements when you’re placing your orders. It ships quickly, and offers a faster

alternative to a totally custom sliding barn door than most brands and models.

If you are looking for a custom rolling door hardware solution that can be built to fit, AXEL can

still get the job done. This product can be installed with any sliding door and fit to the exact

specifications that you have in mind, no matter what those might be. All of the custom rolling

door hardware in the AXEL collection can be fit to any design or installation, and can provide the

details that you want to feature for your renovation.

AXEL sliding door hardware is classic with a twist, providing a whole new concept for that

industrial chic look that so many people love. It offers affordable customization and convenient

options for creating unique features throughout the home or business. While this is only one of

the many families of barn door hardware available today, it has quickly become one of the most

popular. Commercial clients especially love the AXEL family of products because of its durable,

heavy-duty construction and design that still adds a great look to any space. With so many

different brands of sliding door hardware available today, you can still count on classics like this

to make any space look great.

When you’re considering barn door hardware for your projects, you’ll need to think about the

design that you have in mind, as well as the functional elements of the door and hardware

pieces. If you want something totally custom, it’s going to take longer and probably cost a little

more. It is well worth the investment, of course, but it’s something to note. For those last-minute

projects when you need something sooner than later, though, the AXEL family of hardware

offers the perfect look for less.
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