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Attractive Tracks for Your Barn Door

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Sliding barn doors are a popular design choice in many homes and businesses right now. Not only do they provide a stylish alternative to traditional doors, but sometimes they provide a functional solution, as well. Plus, they can be found in plenty of different finishes, styles, and designs to fit with any theme, from rustic to modern. When you choose custom barn door hardware to go with your door, it only gets better.

There are many different tracks available in the sliding door hardware market. Each track has its own different features, but all are designed to be safe, sturdy, and provide the functional use that you need. There are different styles of tracks as well, including flat track, horseshoe flat track, and even tubular track. The finishes are usually black or stainless steel, but are also available in an array of different finishes and colors with customization.

Flat track barn door hardware is the original style that dates back to the turn of the century. Using a flat track, the door could lay closer to the wall than with other track styles. This track was used in many different places, and still is today, such as in apartments and lofts, restaurants, galleries, and other places around the world. The hammered flat track styles offers that rustic look that many people like for its charm, while the horseshoe flat track has a more decorative style that is very attractive. Tubular tracks are able to be custom designed and have different sliding door hardware accents to choose from. The tubular track style is designed for the modern look, and for heavier doors that need a sturdier track system.

In addition to the great track options that are available, there are also a number of mounting options, from face mounts to top mounts, and even some bottom-mount rails to help guide doors better. The ability to customize all of this barn door hardware to your specific needs is part of why this is such a popular design feature right now. Everyone can find inspiration online and get the perfect design for their barn doors if they take a little time to look.
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