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Artisan Sliding Ladder


Artisan Sliding Ladder

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Artisan Sliding Ladder By Artisan


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The Artisan Sliding Ladder is perfect for those hard to reach places. This ladder effortlessly slides along its track making it incredibly user-friendly. Handcrafted in the USA and completely customizable to fit your needs. The Artisan Sliding Ladder adds dimension and style to any room.  

**This ladder is not designed for commercial use**

If you’ve ever been to one of the old-world libraries found in the palaces of Europe, or even a university's library closer to home, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe. Wood shelves filled with thousands of books stretch up to high ceilings, accessed by sliding ladders—creating a rich and impressive environment. You can create a similar vibe of distinguished rustic charm by adding a sliding ladder to a space in your home.

8 Ways to Use a Sliding Ladder in Your Home

  1. Library
  2. Loft
  3. Kitchen
  4. Garage
  5. Bunk Beds
  6. Play Area
  7. Closets
  8. Wine Cellar
Sliding ladders are fixed to a track, making them more secure than a freestanding ladder that must be propped up against the wall. A sliding ladder is also more convenient since you won’t have to carry a ladder in and out of a storage shed or garage when you want to use it. Sliding ladders make a great artistic statement and can add a classical or modern rustic vibe to almost any room in your home.

Even if you don’t frequently need the length of a rolling ladder to reach those few extra inches, there’s just something magical about those foot rails that changes the equation of your home’s interior appearance. Think of all the places you typically see ladders propped up at an angle against a rail or a vertical wall: a barn, a ship, a library, even a bar—these spaces can connote warm and cozy feelings on one end and adventure on the other.

Having a ladder in your home is not your standard piece of hardware. It’s a decorative addition that adds an exciting touch of the fantastic to the indoors, whether your home looks like the wood-paneled cabin of a ship or the chrome interior of a diner.

8 Ways to Use a Sliding Ladder in Your Home

A sliding ladder is not just for a library. Perhaps you’ve been to a chic bar where a stainless steel ladder could be slid along a tall display of various liquors. Sliding ladders look great everywhere. In fact, there are many locations around your own home where a sliding ladder can add a touch of sophistication, warmth, and adventure to your interior.

Let’s go room by room and see how a little bit of hardware like a sliding ladder kit can transform your home’s appearance and make it more functional.

1. Library

A sliding library ladder gives your study, den, or library a sophisticated look. It’s an artistic and convenient way to access the leather-bound tomes that line your shelves. If your home has tall bookshelves, a rolling library ladder can certainly help you access those hard-to-reach books on the top shelf.

This is especially true if you have customized shelves that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, rather than a store-bought piece of furniture resting against the wall. Keep in mind that not everyone is the same height—even books that are easy for you to reach might be difficult to reach for someone else, and a sliding ladder can make that easier. If your library has a more contemporary feel, you might specifically consider a sliding metal ladder with stainless steel hardware, while a wood sliding ladder can give your library a modern rustic or sophisticated, old-world feel.

2. Loft

Sliding ladders are the best way to connect an elevated platform like a loft to the rest of your home’s interior space. Of course, a loft isn’t part of every home design—but if there is a loft in your home or apartment, you usually only have a few very limited options for how to reach it. Installing a full-size set of risers is usually a problem in terms of space, especially in urban units with a limited amount of square footage.

Some apartments have spiral staircases, but most simply don’t have the space. A sliding library ladder could be the perfect solution. Its rolling feature also allows you to use it for security reasons. Whenever you have company over, you can slide it away from the loft entrance to indicate you don’t want guests entering that space, creating a greater degree of privacy.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is yet another space where a rolling ladder can combine artistic charm with convenience. You could go with a stainless steel rolling library ladder or a wooden ladder, depending on the mix of stainless appliances and wooden cabinetry in your kitchen space. The rolling feature of the ladder is perfect if you have ingredients you need to access from upper cupboards while you prepare your favorite dish.

Sometimes, you need to reach something high up, which could be especially true if you have custom kitchen cabinetry that stretches up to the ceiling. Using a step ladder or telescoping ladder would be unwieldy and inconvenient. By contrast, a rolling rustic sliding ladder not only improves the look of your kitchen’s vertical wall of cabinets but it can also make your kitchen more functional.

4. Garage

Upper storage cabinets might be found in several spaces around your home, including the garage. Storage cabinets are often used in the garage to keep the items we may not regularly need, but still deem important. Some of these items are often stored on tall shelves or on top of the garage rafters. You could try to set up an extension ladder on the ground to reach your items, but it’s safer to traverse that distance with something that doesn’t have to rely on friction or leaning on your rafters.

A sliding ladder is an attractive solution for reaching your garage storage space. It allows you to easily roll between upper shelves without having to use the extension feature of a freestanding rigid ladder or repeatedly move it. Because it slides along a rail, you can also attach it to your rafters and slide it out of the way whenever you need to park your car in the garage.

5. Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are certainly a piece of furniture that will need a ladder. A sliding ladder can be moved to make the lower bed more accessible or to create more space by the side of the lower bed. Sliding ladders also add a more dynamic look to the bunk bed than a fixed ladder. Some larger bunk beds may have a small set of stairs built into the side, and the risers also serve as drawers. While that look has a certain appeal in terms of appearance, it does take up much more space than a ladder on rollers.

A sliding ladder fixed on a track is much safer than the alternative of a hook ladder that can become unhooked, or even a freestanding ladder. Sliding ladders can provide a sense of fun and adventure—and your children are certain to think their sliding bunk bed ladder is pretty cool.

6. Play Areas

Sliding ladders can make a play area safer and more entertaining. If your home has an indoor or outdoor play area, a sliding ladder can make it much more fun for kids. Sliding ladders can be built into a jungle gym and moved down the track from one part to the other, creating the exciting feel of a fort or a ship. If your play space does not have a jungle gym, but is a playroom with toys and games, a sliding ladder can be a great stylistic addition that is also great in terms of helping kids safely reach their toys. They can simply move the ladder down the track and climb up to get what they want, without you having to worry about it tilting or falling back. That same level of safety is not provided by a standalone aluminum ladder or a stepping stool.

7. Closets

A sliding ladder can transform your closet into a chic boutique. Closets are another great area for sliding ladders. People of different heights will have an easier time accessing the clothing or shoes they need, especially if custom cabinetry has been installed in the closet and it goes from floor to ceiling. A sliding ladder can also give a walk-in closet the look and feel of a trendy boutique shop. Every time you step in to pick out your outfit for the day, you’ll feel like you're at the mall picking out a new wardrobe.

8. Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is another excellent area that can benefit from a sliding ladder. If you have any kind of ceiling-to-wall space or high-up space where larger quantities of wine or other beverages can be stored or displayed, a sliding ladder can make them much easier to safely reach.

Since the ladder is fixed on a track, it reduces the chance of moving side to side or falling back. Not only can a sliding ladder prevent personal injury, but it can save your collection of bottled vintage as well. An artisan sliding ladder with a wall-to-ceiling wine display provides the perfect balance of sophistication and charm to your home.

Sliding Ladders for Your Home

There’s no question that rolling library ladders can improve the look and feel of your home’s interior space. Ladder systems can be a great addition to many areas in your home, offering a unique accent combined with useful function—especially in areas with items that might normally be out of your reach. From the kitchen and bedroom to the garage and cellar, sliding ladders add beauty and provide a safe way to access clothes, books, wine, toys, and other personal items. A vertical ladder gives the walls of your home a more nuanced appearance by adding a projected and movable layer to whatever is behind them, whether it’s a wall of books or a wall-to-ceiling rack of fine wine.

You don’t have to be a master carpenter to install a sliding ladder. A steel hardware kit is all you need to get started. No matter your level of home improvement skill or the style of your home, a sliding library ladder offers safety and convenience for a great number of applications, while dramatically changing the look of your home’s interior space.
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