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An In-Depth Look at Sliding Barn Door Hardware and Accessories

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Since sliding barn doors are all the rage in design these days, it is good for everyone to get to

know sliding barn door hardware and accessories, including what they have to offer for different

designs and spaces.

First of all, not all barn door hardware is the same. Some products are mass-produced, cheaply

made, and available just anywhere. They aren’t customized, and they certainly aren’t designed

for quality and longevity compared to the way that most hardware wears out over time.

Types of Sliding Barn Door Hardware

There is a lot of selection in the world of sliding barn door hardware. This category covers

everything from gate hardware and automated sliding accessories to track styles, finishes, and


Barn door hardware includes:

? Curved Door Track

? Flat Track Hardware

? Tubular Track Hardware

? Stainless Steel Track and Hardware

? Bronze Hardware

Curved tracks are designed for doors operating around a corner, while the traditional flat track is

what most people choose. This is a standard sliding door track. For a more modern or industrial

look, as well as a better weight load, tubular track hardware is the way to go. Stainless steel is

also durable and long-lasting while bronze hardware offers a different look with the same


Flat track hardware offers the rustic, classic look and includes horseshoe and traditional styles

to choose from. It is one of the most popular options, and can be seen in Quentin Tarantino’s

upcoming flick, “The Hateful Eight”.

Accessories for the Sliding Barn Door

Accessories are a must for many people installing a sliding barn door. Like the barn door

hardware available, these accessories are made from the best quality materials. They will offer

extra assistance, a little extra pizazz, or even a little convenience that you didn’t know was

available. The most common accessories include:

? Bottom Guides

? Handles and Pulls

? Hangar Hardware

? Hinges

? Autoslide Systems

Bottom guides are easy to install and help keep your sliding doors on track at all times. Even if

you aren’t sure what you need, you can get help choosing the perfect, simple guide for the job.

Hinges, which aren’t as often used with sliding doors, are also available for accents or other

uses. They are designed in rustic and modern styles, as is the selection of handles and pulls.

There are wireless handles, recessed pulls, and even standard door pulls for all of the different

designs and needs. Many people are installing the locking models simply because it eliminates

the needs for keys and adds an element of safety.

Autoslide is a system that allows the door to open and close automatically, whether triggered by

a sensor or a button. This is a great feature for bigger doors or for people who want more

convenience in their sliding door installation. All of the hangar door hardware is machined from

solid steel, creating durability and custom fits. The best hardware offers retrofitting solutions,

durable construction, and plenty of different accessories and selections to choose from.

Quality Hardware Is Best

High quality sliding barn door hardware is a must-have for any installation. By taking the time to

check out high-end products from leading brands, you can get much better hardware for the

installation of your sliding door. There are a lot of different decisions to make and features to

consider, but ultimately, the quality of the hardware means everything to the installation.

Every designer and architect needs to get familiar with barn door hardware because people are

going to start demanding it. The best designers are already on board with this design trend, but

it’s better late than never.
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