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A Studio Apartment Conversion Using Barn Doors

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
It’s common for singles to rent studio apartments. They’re affordable and are typically located in live-work-play locations. No matter how foxy a studio may look, there comes a time when seclusion is desired. The lack of walls and doors can be great for space, but not so great for privacy. Placing barn doors on barn door hardware was the solution for one studio renter.
Ethan lived in the same studio apartment since college. Six years later, he’s a working professional who could easily afford a single-family home. However, he was reluctant to let go of his bachelor pad. It was a place where he enjoyed many nights with his guy pals and lady friends. One summer, a close friend hit a rough spot and needed a place to stay for a couple of months. Ethan was the only option that didn’t require him to quit his job and uproot to someplace else.
The studio was pretty spacious, but two guys living in the same space was not exactly what Ethan preferred. So he decided that it was time to do some redecorating. At first, he thought about building a temporary wall, but didn’t want to have to deal with the landlord and city building requirements. After doing a bit of research online, he came across rolling door hardware and barn doors. It seemed like a great solution to his problem.
He decided to have the doors customized with barn door hardware that would extend across the width of the space. It was a clever way to create a room inside of a room. The barn doors acted as a divider. Once it was implemented, he would have a one bedroom apartment, without the mess and expenses of hiring a contractor.
To make everything more cost-effective, he decided to purchase a barn door hardware kit, which would enable him to install it on his own. He enlisted the help of his soon-to-be roommate and the two put in a day’s work to get the job done.
Next, it was time to update the living room with a sleeper sofa. This would be used by his roommate and any future guests who decided to crash at his place. The barn doors he selected was highly attractive. He received a lot of compliments from visitors that stopped by.
After a few months passed, his friend got back on his feet and moved out. Rather than removing the barn doors, Ethan decided to keep them. He cherished his newfound privacy and liked the idea of having a room he could go into when people stayed over. Plus, it was a big hit with his female companions.
The barn doors inspired him to redecorate the rest of his home. Since the barn doors were a focal point, he decided to choose designs that would complement the doors. He chose contemporary barn door hardware, which was perfect for the look he was going for. He went with a contemporary theme with wooden furniture. He even had smaller barn doors customized to close up his television set when not in use. The miniature doors were set on sliding door hardware and matched the large set of barn doors.
Ethan’s studio apartment started out as a college pad, then upgraded from a bachelor’s pad to a wonderfully-designed home. It’s now a place that he is proud to show off.
Barn doors and their hardware can provide functionality and allure to even the smallest spaces. It’s a concept that many apartment dwellers in the city are implementing into their own pads.
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