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9 Unique Ways to Complement Rustic Barn Door Hardware

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Redesigning your home with rustic appeal can be an excellent way to complement your rustic barn door hardware. But how will you go about doing this? There are so many different ways you can create a rustic atmosphere. Wood and stone are the best materials for this approach. Hopefully, you will find some of the following design ideas to be fun and unique enough to attempt!
Stone Kitchen Island
You’ve installed a barn door in your kitchen – what better way to complement the rustic barn door hardware than with a stone kitchen island? If space allows, you can implement this easily. A stone base will give your island a Mediterranean feel that your guests will surely fawn over!
Wooden Backsplash
Make a statement with your backsplash with a wooden assembly. This would beautifully complement a stone kitchen island, but doesn’t have to be strictly for your kitchen. You can create a wall masterpiece behind your entertainment center, couch or china cabinet. Think of it as a unique wall accent! If you have a hard time finding a great place to put your wooden backsplash, consider having a small wall built. This can act as a division for a bedroom, living area or the kitchen!
Twig Candle Stick Holders
You can find plenty of these for sale, but why not create them yourself? It’s easy to do and it makes for a great project the whole family can enjoy. If you have trees in your yard, then you have access to a plethora of twigs. Collect a bunch of small ones and then glue them to a plastic or glass candle holder (using hot glue). Once the glue dries, you can tie it up with a satin bow, or better yet, twine!
Wood Planked Wall
Who said you have to live in a rustic log cabin to have a featured wooden plank wall? This would be a great addition if you’re trying to create a “cabin the woods” vibe. It’s a simple project you can do yourself. Plus it’ll add beauty and value to your property. It would be a great idea to have the wall near your barn door, so to emphasize the rustic barn door hardware.
Wooden Fireplace Mantel
Get rid of the stone fireplace mantel and replace it with wood. If you’re handy, you can do this yourself. What would really make the scene pop is a set of matching wooden floors.
Wooden Coffee Cup Hanger
This could turn into a fun and inexpensive DIY project. All you need is a piece of wood and a couple of hooks. Just make sure they’re in there snuggly, so that your precious mugs don’t fall. Consider hooks that match your barn door hardware.
Wooden Towel Organizer
Forget about the traditional towel hangers you find in stores today. All you need is a couple of nice hangers and a few pieces of wood to build your very own rustic towel organizer. You may even find one for sale by a craftsman (or woman). You can place clean towels at the top of the organizer and hang used towels and robes on the hangers or hooks.
Antler Coat Rack
Driftwood, antlers or wood is all that’s needed to create your coat rack. Place this near the front door and you have yourself a conversation starter. You can find these for sale or make it on your own. Just attach a set of antlers to a piece of wood (or shelf), then add hooks for hanging coats and hats.
Mason Jar Sconces
What a wonderful way to replace the lighting for your home deck. You can reuse any glass jars you have. Run lighting wires through the lid and then screw in a bulb. The jar will act as a sconce. It’s charming and costs little money to do.
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