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5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Barn Door in Your Home

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Doors, like windows, say a lot about your property. By installing a sliding barn door in

your office or home, you can make a grand statement to guests and visitors. They provide

you with a way to showcase your own personal style, which can be further implemented

using modern, contemporary or rustic hardware. But before you purchase a barn door and

barn door hardware, there are a couple of things you should ask yourself first. With the

answers to the following questions, you will be able to make the best selection for your

barn door as well as barn door hardware addition.

Is the installation site structurally sound?

You never want to add or take away from a pre-existing structure without first ensuring

that it won’t be compromised in any way. Without the architectural plans used to build

your home, there’s no way to tell whether a door is properly framed beneath the drywall

just by looking at it.

The great thing about installing a sliding barn door is that it provides a parallel diffusion

of weight along the header. The barn door hardware is placed on the exterior of the

frame. However, it is very possible for the door you’ve selected to be too heavy for the

area you want it installed. If this is going to be a DIY project, you will need to make sure

that it isn’t.

The model of your home will determine how sufficient the framing is. For instance, in

older homes and those built without a permit, there may not be sufficient framing. If

you’re planning to hang the sliding door on an arched doorway, you’ll need to double

check for framing first. Simply using a stud finder isn’t going to work. You’ll need to cut

a 2″ by 2″ section from the drywall about 6 inches over the doorway to determine

whether there is a beam. For sufficient support, there needs to be either a wood block or

stud underneath.

What is the barn door covering up?

There are a number of areas around the home or office where a sliding barn door would

look great. However, depending on where you want to install it will determine if it’s a

good idea. Since the barn door isn’t flush with the opening of the door, you may want to

think twice about installing it for a bathroom. Depending on the type of track you

purchase, the opening may not be completely covered, leaving a small gap in between the

drywall and the door. So if having privacy is a concern, keep this in mind.

What style do you desire?

The beauty of barn doors is that they come in a variety of designs, which can be

completed with beautiful rustic hardware or another style you prefer. It’s important to

keep in mind the decor of your residential or commercial space when choosing a barn

door for your property.

Which type of barn door hardware will you choose?

The hardware of your barn door is just as important as the door you select. Then

depending on how large it is, it could be quite noticeable. Carefully selecting the type of

hardware you want to use is ideal — whether it be a barely-there track or an iron wheel

with oversized wheels.

The placement of the hardware can either be in the interior or exterior of the door

opening. Where you decide to put it will affect how the door overlaps the walls when you

close it.

Is this installation a marriage or a fling?

Barn doors are an exceptional alternative to the typical hinged doors, which is why a lot

of folks find them appealing. But if you’re one who likes to consistently change the decor

within your property, you should consider all that’s required for the preparation of your

new barn door. A number of holes will have to be used for the installation of the barn

door hardware, which means you’ll have to restore the walls if you decide to remove them

down the road. Because of this, having a long-term mindset when selecting your sliding

barn door is recommended.
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