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5 Surprising Space-Saving Designs

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
There are a lot of different ways to go about saving space in your home. Of course, there are different designs for different tastes. One of our favorite features to help save space, obviously, is the sliding barn door. This door will eliminate the space taken by a swinging door and give you more floor space in the home.

Barn door hardware makes it easy to install sliding doors anywhere in the home, resulting in plenty of great space saving opportunities. Here are some surprising ideas to integrate sliding doors into any design:

1. Sneak in a home office: If you install a sliding door with upscale, modern barn door hardware in the hall or along a wall, it might just look like a cool design feature. Tucked away behind it, though, you can make a little home office space that is like your own secret getaway.

2. Exterior doors: Bulky exterior doors are heavy and take up a lot of space. If you install a sliding barn door here instead, you’ll save space and be able to create a much lighter look in the room and on the exterior of your home.

3. Live it up in a loft: With sliding barn doors, you can keep that open feel that you love about your loft, but make sure that you’ve got privacy when you want it. A single-panel door might be all that you need. There is plenty of industrial barn door hardware and rustic barn door hardware to complete the look.

4. Hide away the chores: A sliding door can be a great way to cover up a laundry or utility room. Even if there’s not really room for a door, sliding barn door hardware can help. You’ll be able to install the door on the wall, keeping the area out of sight.

5. Multi-purpose: Sliding barn door hardware is as unique as your tastes, and can serve many purposes. You can install sliding doors in a main room that provide versatile options for the space. Consider how you can incorporate a door that slides one way for one thing, and the other to access a different area. That’s space saving from a door doing double duty, which is awesome.
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