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5 Small Entryway Decorating Ideas

Thursday April 15th, 2021
If there’s one topic we will never tire of; it’s entryway interior design. Entryways are one of the most important and crucial spaces in the home. Creating a lasting first impression on your guests starts with your entryway design. Some entryways were built with prestigious designs to accomplish and sustain a gorgeous presence and others take a little more work, but trust us, it’s very doable! First things first, creating a beautiful entryway has nothing to do with square footage. Today we are going to explore the beauty of small space interior design and show you how you can transform a small entryway with just a few simple design tips!

1. Less is More!

When decorating small spaces keep in mind that less is more. Small spaces can look cluttered and messy very easily. Pick a few simple decor pieces to display and nothing more.

Entryway Decor Ideas:
  • Mirror: Displaying a mirror in your small entryway will not only allow you to make sure you didn’t spill your breakfast on yourself as you walk out the door, but it will also make your entryway appear larger and more open. Mirrors are great at creating an illusion and bouncing light throughout your entryway.
  • Simple furniture: When it comes to furniture, keep it simple, especially when working with minimal square footage. Stick to entryway benches and tables that are small and compact rather than large and bulky. 
  • Wall hangings: Functional decor that can be hung on the wall like floating shelves and wall hooks are great for small entryways. Keeping things off the floor and maximizing space for your guests is crucial.
This gorgeous small entryway design by @house_of_hemingway features a beautiful barn door, a small bench, and a few wall hooks for a stunning yet simple entryway look!

2. Function is Everything!

Entryways, even small entryways, commonly have a room off to one side, whether that be a closet, home office, or sitting room. A great way to save on floor space is to replace the hinged door that leads into that space with a sliding barn door. Barn Doors lay flush with the wall and slide along a barn door track whenever they are open or closed. Replacing your hinged door with a barn door will not only save you space but also add to your entryway design and give it a more grand and prestigious appearance.

This stunning entryway design by @joineryanddesignco is a little more spacious than your traditional entryway, however, they still went with a sliding barn door to save space and keep their entryway very open!

3. Keep it light!

Avoid decorating with dark or moody colors. Decorating with light colors will help your small entryway appear less cramped and more spacious. You’ll also want to maximize the amount of natural light you let into your entryway. Natural light will give your entryway a warm and inviting vibe.

@lindsay_hill_interiors designed this beauty with a beautiful front door that allows an abundance of sunlight into the home. She also used a light and airy color palette to keep this entryway warm and inviting!

4. Keep Your Guests Looking Up!

Consider installing a light fixture in your entryway that will draw your guests' eyes up and guide them into the home. With a small entryway you’re likely not going to be greeted by 15-20 foot vaulted ceilings, so make sure to find a light fixture that compliments your space and doesn’t hang too low.

A gorgeous small entryway design by @kdesignzco. The light fixture she used in this entryway is the perfect focal point and effortlessly guides your eye to the beautiful details on the ceiling!

5. Organization is key!

Displaying a few decor pieces in your entryway that will keep it looking clean and organized is the key to decorating a small entryway! Consider adding a stand-alone coat rack to hang coats and bags on or even a floating shelf for loose mail and keys.

@fridayfavorite incorporated this gorgeous floating shelf from Rustica, in her entryway to add dimension and a place to hold her keys!

For more tips and tricks on small entryway decorating follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @barndoor.hardware!

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