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5 Design Themes that Crave Barn Door Hardware

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
Barn door hardware is becoming a hot commodity in residential and commercial design. There

are plenty of ways to incorporate it into different spaces, but some themes and rooms have a

bigger calling for it than others. Here are five hot design concepts that could really benefit from

adding a sliding barn door with matching hardware.

#1: The Americana Theme

Americana is a hot design trend right now. The rustic charm of country design is the star of this

show. Where else better to put a sliding barn door than in a country-themed design? It might be

predictable, but it works.

#2: The Modern-Chic Look

Modern design is all about upscale features, clean lines, and sleek finishes. A sliding barn door

in this design theme is going to make a statement about modern design and style. A door that is

sleek and elegant, accompanied by similarly elegant hardware, can make a big impression in

even the smallest space.

#3: The Futuristic Design

Remember 30 years ago when everyone thought that the 2000s would be like living with the

Jetsons? We might not have flying cars or live in space (yet), but the futuristic design concept is

definitely one that people love. In commercial and residential spaces alike, a sliding door with an

autoslide feature will set the stage. Add the right modern, futuristic hardware and you have a

completed look.

#4: The Industrial Loft

The loft is the original home of the sliding door for city dwellers. Loft apartments have always

been hot for those who want to live the urban life in style. If you are creating an industrial space

and not including a sliding door, you might want to rethink your design. It’s predictable, sure, but

it is still in high demand.

#5: The Studio Style

The studio is the anti-home when it comes to that “homey” feeling, and that isn’t a bad thing. A

studio-style design is all about modern, clean lines and contemporary design. It can be used as

a commercial or residential space, and it can definitely benefit from sliding doors to add a

unique touch of contemporary style and functional space-saving design.
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