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2021 Barn Door Trends

Wednesday January 13th, 2021
2021 is already full of new and improved barn door trends and we want to let you in on the inside scope! We’ve put together a list of the top 5 new barn door trends we’ve seen thus far into the new year! Check it out!

1. Corner Doors

Corner doors are a trending new style used to complete a room or space by joining together at one of the corners. Each door slides on a separate barn door track with an adjustable stop, allowing you to install and stop the door exactly where you need it, specific to your unique space. We’ve seen people mix and match different styles of barn doors in this unique corner door fashion. This new, innovative look is perfect for entryways and home offices!

2. Adjustable Stops

Rustica, an industry leader in the craft of door making, came out with an adjustable stop for an easy and simplified way to control where on the track your barn door stops. Adjustable stops make the barn door hardware installation much easier and less reliant on perfect measurements. You can find these nifty adjustable stops by clicking here or visiting Rustica’s website!

3. Double French Barn Doors

French barns doors are becoming a hot new commodity in the home decor industry, especially in entryways! French barn doors create a sense of sophistication and design that’s perfect for a lasting impression. Click here to shop french barn doors!

4. Mirror Pantry Barn Doors

Mirrors have been a huge trend in living rooms and bedrooms, but this year we’ve seen a lot more popularity around mirrored pantry barn doors! Mirrors are a great way to make a space appear larger and give it the illusion of being more open. The functionality between a sliding pantry door with a mirror is incredible and saves a lot of space in the kitchen!

5. Simple Hanger Styles

When it comes to hangers we’ve seen more and more orders for simple styles that look good with any barn door. Simple styles decrease the stress at checkout, guarantee a stunning look, and  Us, like most you, also love a simple look! Shop all of our simple hangers here and get same day shipping if you order before 2pm MST!

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