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Stainless steel does not corrode, rust or stain as ordinary steel does. Although stainless steel is not actually complete stain proof, it has many aesthetic benefits and is practical when the properties of steel and corrosion resistance are both required.

Ideal in Architecture

Stainless steel’s stain and corrosion resistance make it the perfect material for many applications. There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, and besides being used in: cookware, household hardware, surgical instruments and major appliances, stainless steel has been used as a construction material in countless residential, commercial and industrial buildings since the early 1900s.

Here at, we carry stainless steel:

Bottom Rolling Hardware systems for straight sliding partition systems with straight doors in framed or frameless glass.

Locking Stiletto handles that allow a swinging or sliding door to be locked without having to bend down to the floor or reach up to the ceiling.

Levers & Knobs in various shapes and styles for you choose from.

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MWE – In 1999 a handful of highly-skilled craftsmen and experienced sales professionals started the success that is MWE. Within less than a decade, MWE established itself as a market leader in providing free-running sliding door hardware. Today MWE is known for their elaborate designs and the highest quality of manufacturing straight from Germany.

ABP – The leading manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners in Thailand, ABP was established in 1994 and has been expanding their selection and supplying hardware to the automotive, construction and manufacturing industries ever since.

Perfect for Sliding Doors

For long lasting sliding doors with a modern design, stainless steel models and hardware can make the perfect choice for your interior or exterior sliding door system. Check some out below, and if you have questions or are ready to order give us a call at 866-815-8151 for fast and friendly service today!



Typical cost for a Klassik system in a 3′ opening is $2,000.00.

The Klassik model is the base system.

It can be used universally for door panels of all types, regardless of the material.

Klassik is suitable for door panels from 8 to 44.45 mm thick.

The maximum door panel weight is 135kg.

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Klassik_2 Klassik_3 Klassik_4 mwe-klassik02

Flatec I


Typical cost for a Flatec I system in a 3′ opening is $1,849.

All hardware ships directly from Atlanta, GA.

The Flatec I model is the base system.

It can be used universally for door panels of all types, regardless of the material.

Flatec I is suitable for glass door panels of 12 mm thick and wood door panels up to 44.45mm.

The maximum door panel weight is 100kg.

FlatecI2 FlatecI3 FlatecIWood PIC_1



The Supra system has been especially developed for all doors that do not allow a threaded joint or any other hardware on the door leaf surface.

Supra is mounted onto the top of the door leaf, which is the perfect solution for mirror doors, for example.

The door leaf thickness should range from ca. 20 to 76.2 mm.

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mwe-supra05 mwe-supra06 mwe-supra07 mwe-supra08

Flatec II


Typical cost for a Flatec II system in a 3′ opening is $1,798.

All hardware ships directly from Atlanta, GA.

The Flatec II model is another base system.

It can only be used with wood door panels from 36 – 45mm thick.

The maximum door panel weight is 100kg.

PIC_5-Kopiexxx USO55-1800EF



The Duplex model was specially developed for guiding large and heavy door panels.

It can be used universally for door panels of all types, regardless of the material.

Duplex is suitable for door panels from 8 to 44.45 mm thick.

The maximum door weight is 250 kg.

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duplex-handle-rust duplex-rust5



The Duplex-S model is an expansion of the “Supra” model.

The Duplex-S was developed for door panels that cannot have screws on the surface.

It is suitable for panels from 20 to 76.2mm thick made of metal and wood.

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duplex-s_1 duplex-s_2 duplex-s_3 duplex-s_4



The Terra sliding door system has clearly visible rollers and a running rail installed on the floor.

It is thus the floor that supports the whole load of the door leaf so that all other installation parts carry less static weight.

The Terra system is suitable for situations in which the ceiling cannot take loads and does not support the fastening of common running rail systems.

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mwe-terra02 mwe-terra03


MWE Spider

The flagship of our premium edition, the Spider system, stands out due to its distinctive retro design as well as its sophisticated technique.

All pieces are milled with excellent workmanship and then polished or grinded by hand.

Due to its three glass point holders, this system can carry heavy door leaves like the Klassik system, with a maximum of stability.

Let yourself be inspired by this expressive design and fine technical finesse!

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mwe-spider02 Spider_1 Spider_2 Spider_3



Its purposely-kept simple design and the elegance of its harmonic forms make the Purist unique, from a technical point of view as well.

Thanks to its special construction which does not have any visible screw joints, grooves, edges or housings, the Purist is an excellent choice for installations that have to be cleaned frequently, for example for reasons of hygiene.

This system offers a maximum of flexibility with its flush glass point holders and its covered wall fastenings that are adjustable in all directions.

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st_purist_002 st_purist_003 st_purist_004


MWE Akzent

This system stands out for its unique MWE cutting-edge design.

It is the only system where the rollers are embedded in a housing.

The running rail and all accessories are manufactured from flat steel profile that underlines its sharp-edged look.

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schiebetuer_akzent_anlage1_seite_98 schiebetuer_akzent_anlage2_seite_100 schiebetuer_akzent_einstieg_seite_97